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Going through the various news articles…some weird things going on out there!

What's up with the Auto Bailout Plan and money going to Chrysler?? Not a top pick in regards to consumer selection. Not a top pick in regards to quality per Consumer Reports…In fact, the overall top car manufacturer is Honda with Toyota and Subaru not far behind. In fact, Chrysler did not have even one vehicle in the report. What's worse is there weren't any Jeeps or Dodges, either. Yet, taxpayers have already given four billion dollars to help them recover and they want more! To the tune of another five billion.

In their "Plan," they suggest that they will eliminate several styles and eliminate 3000 jobs along with several other moves to correct their pathway. And their repayment of this loan would begin in 2012. Are they going to still be around in 2012??

With Chrysler being in low demand, management skills that have been less than desirable in the past (how long ago was it that Chrysler originally went into bankruptcy??) and their next looming D-Day of March 31st, it seems reasonable to back away from this sinking ship and let it go. You say, "Yeah, but what about all the employees??" OK, if we have five billion to hand out, split it up among the employees! Or pay their home mortgage for a year while they find a new job. Send them to tech school to educate them for another job. My crazy ideas are endless…..

What do you think?? Any ideas?

Keep Smiling!


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