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Tallahassee Housing News

If Real Estate Is Local, What Are You Doing There?

Jan. 23, 2012
These are local real estate buyers, not real estate shoppers and "sight seers." If you want to best market a home for sale in Tallahassee, then be there, be prominent, and be ready to move.

Who Does A Short Sale Agent Work For?

Jan. 20, 2012
A series of unrelated conversations over the past few months made me realize there is a lot of confusion about short selling a home.

Don't Be Like The Banks If You Want To Sell Your Home

Jan. 19, 2012
Banks are reducing the demand for the homes they need to liquidate, solely because they do not have the ability to "process the file" in a timely manner.

The Future Of Land Sales In Tallahassee, Florida

Jan. 18, 2012
So long as banks don’t flood the market with their large inventory from failed lot developments, we might see prices remain stable as we work through the glut of lots over the next ten to twenty years.

Take Our Opinion Poll: Should Homeowners Sell Now Or Wait Until Next Year?

Jan. 17, 2012
There are a lot of people who have decided to wait until next year to sell a home. Take our reader poll and tell us what you think they ought to do?

Avoid The Lies When Selling A Home

Jan. 16, 2012
This will you the next time you talk to a real estate listing agent about the job of selling your home. If he or she falls into discussion of one of these points, you are now better prepared to call them on it!

Just A Simple Thank You To Our Marines

Jan. 13, 2012
Grip hands Marines, you most likely will be trashed in the media and belittled by liberals the world over who have no concept of the sacrifice you make to keep us safe.

It Is High Time We Push For NAR Reform

Jan. 12, 2012
NAR uses some (not all) MLS data to report on the national housing market. It just doesn't make sense in this day and age when real, accurate information is available.

A 5 Star Guide To Neighborhoods Around Tallahassee

Jan. 11, 2012
Not surprisingly, 6 of the top 7 most active neighborhoods in Tallahassee in 2011 were in the Northeast, and all of them were on the east side of town.

Home Sellers Do Not Need To Give Their Homes Away

Jan. 10, 2012
One thing that home sellers really want to know right now is how they can sell a home without giving it away ... in a market loaded with distressed properties for sale. Well, you can sell your home, even if some of your neighbors are giving theirs away, b

How To Advertise A Home For Sale (And Why It Has Changed)

Jan. 9, 2012
The best real estate sales process relies on list marketing to work a buyer through the long process of evolving from an information seeker, to a comparison shopper, and then finally to a ready buyer. Real estate companies that work the entire home buying

Three Solutions To Your Home Ownership Problem

Jan. 6, 2012
By taking the emotion out of the equation, all three of these homeowner types who want to move can improve their quality of life, immediately. Don't let a home determine your quality of life. If you want to move, talk to the real estate expert in your are

Don't Forget Shadow Inventory When You Study Real Estate Supply And Demand

Jan. 5, 2012
This shadow inventory of homes are reticent sellers who are not yet on the market because they know the demand is not there, and these will be streaming or rushing into the market over the weeks/months/years until they have been sold.

Top Ten Real Estate Blog Posts Of 2011

Jan. 4, 2012
The long-time readers of the Tallahassee Real Estate Blog know that I monitor our traffic (statistics) on a very regular basis. I like to know what is popular and specifically what our readers find most important on their journey to sell a home or buy a h

Home Selling Tips Given To Us From William Shakespeare

Jan. 3, 2012
I have "borrowed" four quotes from Mr. Shakespeare that serve to bind the Minimalist Guide to Selling a Home.

Easier Search Tool Improves Tallahassee Real Estate

Jan. 2, 2012
if you are searching for homes for sale in Tallahassee, you still use our property search tool. But if you are searching for a specific topic, then our new site search tool will help.

How To Prime The Real Estate Market Recovery

Dec. 30, 2011
There are millions of people who would like to move, they just do not know how to get out of their current homes without losing their right to home ownership. A short sale amnesty program would put these millions back into the buyer pool and help solve th

Home Sellers Should Not Be Greatly Concerned About Their REALTOR's Experience Level

Dec. 29, 2011
Experience is wonderful, but you can see that there is not much difference between a first-year "freshman" REALTOR® and one with over 40 years of experience when it comes to being able to sell your home.

Home Sales Will Be Slower In 1st Quarter 2012

Dec. 28, 2011
Unless January brings about a rush of heightened homebuyer activity, we should brace for a slower first quarter in 2012. Home sales usually mirror the pending home sales graph, but with a 30 day lag. Our current one year trend of new contracts started to

Purple Trikes, Pawn Stars, And Real Estate Valuations

Dec. 27, 2011
Don't be the fool in Las Vegas who thinks he's going to sell his purple trike to somebody who wins a jackpot. Have your real estate agent explain supply and demand in your price range, in your area of town, and then price the home to sell today

Tallahassee Housing News

Blog by Joe Manausa
Tallahassee, Florida

Information about the Tallahassee housing market and real estate discussion for everywhere.


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