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Tallahassee Housing News

Waterfront Home Sales Report

Jul. 25, 2011
Some homes are faring better than others, and today we’ll see some evidence that waterfront homes in Tallahassee are performing better than there “inland” counterparts.

Home Selling Plan Must Know How To Target Buyers

Jul. 24, 2011
plan has proven to be the most effective in the Tallahassee real estate market as it utilizes more internet marketing processes than any of our competition. We have prepared a short video to demonstrate an overview of our progressive home selling plan

How Critical Is A Home Seller's Initial Asking Price?

Jul. 22, 2011
When a home seller starts high and reduces the asking price of a home in a declining market, we refer to this as “chasing the market.” Prices fall as fast as the seller reduces the asking price, so effectively the seller remains above the market the e

Home Sales In Swift Creek Woods

Jul. 21, 2011
Swift Creek Woods home values have out-performed the majority of home sales in Tallahassee, with values dropping 25% through last year, though one home sale this year has brought the drop to only 19% since the peak of the housing market.

Foxcroft Shows Example Of False Positive Housing Report

Jul. 20, 2011
The advice to people who need to sell a home in Foxcroft is the same as anywhere else in Tallahassee. Either choose to own your home another 5 to 7 years (minimum), or sell it as fast as you can

Best Panoramic View In Golden Eagle Plantation

Jul. 19, 2011
What makes this Golden Eagle short sale such a spectacular buy is that the home is situated on what is arguably the best view in all of Golden Eagle Plantation. With frontage on Lake Diane, a huge swimming pool and putting green, and a full outdoor kitche

Real Estate Investors Are Loving the 32303 Zip Code

Jul. 18, 2011
This is the hottest real estate investor zip code in the Inman Top 10 real estate investment markets and this post will provide a quick examination of homes sales in the 32303 zip code and identify some current trends.

32312 June Home Sales Report

Jul. 11, 2011
Home values in the 32312 zip code show a continued trend of decline. While the average price of a home is on the rise, the average price per square foot of homes sold continues to fall.

Distressed Property Sales Are 1 in Every 3

Jul. 11, 2011
When we look at the list of distressed homes for sale in Tallahassee, we can find 655 properties to view, which is over 26% of the current inventory of homes in the Tallahassee MLS.

How To Get Business From LinkedIn

Jul. 9, 2011
I am a big proponent of skipping as much of the learning curve in everything that I do, so long as I find a trusted mentor from whom I can copy a book of best practices.

The Five Steps In A Short Sale

Jul. 8, 2011
There are five key junctures that occur during the short sale process, and the transaction is contingent upon several factors all the way through the fifth point.

Record Lows Continue In New Home Construction Sales

Jul. 7, 2011
Unfortunately, we expect to see the trend of very low new home construction sales continue, as the market works to absorb the glut of homes that are already available as well as the shadow inventory of homes that will be flooding into the market when the

Real Estate Supply Hits Two Year High

Jul. 6, 2011
I strongly believe that understanding the market and conditions specific to your property and your part of town can help save you money when you go to sell your home. Knowing what buyers are seeing is the first step in understanding the value of your home

Home Sales In Tallahassee Summer Season

Jul. 5, 2011
The market is weak and home buyers are few. If you have to sell a home in Tallahassee, price it to sell fast. Though we see some value stabilization due to summer seasonality, this most likely will be fading in the coming weeks.

How To Determine The Best Time To Sell Your Home

Jul. 4, 2011
As long as a home is within a price range with decent liquidity, an aggressive market plan combined with the right asking price will get the home sold immediately.

Do Videos Get Selected In Search Results On Google?

Jul. 3, 2011
I have set up a very informal seo poll of our readers and hope to gain some insight on how effective video might really be as part of a search engine optimization plan for a brick and mortar business.

How To Handle Occupying A Home Before Closing

Jul. 1, 2011
When a buyer needs the ability to take occupancy prior to the actual date of closing on the property, a document is needed to make sure that both parties are protected from the various things that can go wrong in a real estate transaction.

Are Home Valuation Techniques Changing Due To Market Conditions?

Jun. 30, 2011
If a buyer believes that the market value of a given house will decline by another 10-20% in the near term, and the seller is in the market now to avoid getting hit with that decline, what is the realistic price for the house?

You Can Find Property Maps Online For Tallahassee

Jun. 29, 2011
I strongly recommend prospective land buyers get acquainted with these free maps because they can save you considerable time and effort in selecting the site that you want to buy.

Forest Heights Betters Market In Tallahassee

Jun. 27, 2011
Due to the price point, I would think that most home owners in Forest Heights who want to sell their home should find a buyer very quickly if they are using a super aggressive home selling plan combined with a strategically sound asking price.

Tallahassee Housing News

Blog by Joe Manausa
Tallahassee, Florida

Information about the Tallahassee housing market and real estate discussion for everywhere.


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