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77 White Street loft lacks "bedrooms" because elevator is in the wrong place

Sep. 13, 2013
Yesterday, it was dark bedrooms being switched (September 12, flipping the dark bedrooms earns 100 Hudson Street loft 20% premium over (near) Peak); today it is a funky floor plan for a Long-and-Narrow Tribeca loft that is (probably) funky because the lat

funky loft at 55 White Street with funky history sells quickly in misleading fashion

Sep. 6, 2013
I am not saying that the full recent listing history of the “2,221 sq ft” triplex Manhattan loft #1C at 55 White Street is intentionally misleading, but the explicit part of the StreetEasy history shows a quick sale that was not, in fact, very quick.

9 White Street penthouse loft created $2.5mm in value after 2010

Apr. 16, 2013
I had a bit of an email conversation this week with a Manhattan Loft Guy reader about the “3,500 sq ft” Manhattan loft on the top of 9 White Street, which had been bought for $3.615mm three years ago and just had a deed filed reflecting it was resold

42 White Street penthouse loft sells with 1 bedroom, 5 outdoor spaces at $2,786/ft (before adjustment)

Mar. 6, 2013
I can read the broker babble (“2 bed”) as well as the next guy, but the floor plan and pictures associated with the “1,669 sq ft” Manhattan loft #6 at 42 White Street make it clear that there is a single bedroom, with a “den” upstairs that lac

imagine getting creamed on a $1,400/ft resale (46 White Street loft seller did)

Jul. 2, 2011
At first glance, you’d think the seller of the “2,881 sq ft” Manhattan loft on the 3rd floor at 46 White Street (Woods Mercantile Building) would be thrilled selling on June 3 at $1,423/ft ($4.1mm). On second glance, same projection, as the most rec

291 Seventh Avenue loft sells after many (many) years

May. 11, 2011
The fact that the Manhattan loft on the 4th floor of 291 Seventh Avenue that sold on April 15 nearly doubled in value since it was purchased in July 2002 is hardly the most interesting thing about the loft; that it also nearly doubled in value between its

replete loft at 39 White Street just misses $1,000/ft but flies through market

Apr. 2, 2011
The “1,925 sq ft” Manhattan loft on the 4th floor at 39 White Street sold on February 7 for $1.92mm but somebody kept it a secret until the deed was filed on March 26. It’s a shame they kept it a secret, as it is a lovely loft (indeed, it is “arch

gossiping about a Mudd Club beat down, as 77 White Street loft sells off 3% in 4 years

Nov. 17, 2010
Curbed on Monday had the outlines of the story about the sale of the Manhattan loft 77 White Street #3 on November 4. Their angle was the (quasi?) celebrity status of the seller (“Gossip Girl writer and co-executive producer”), but I am most intereste

another late bidding war, as 55 White Street loft sells at 104% of (reduced) ask

Oct. 18, 2010
ndividual sales show the ebbs and flows of the Manhattan real estate market, as odd specific data points don’t exactly fit the general narrative. If that is too obscure a way to start a post (even for Manhattan Loft Guy), try this: you would think that

remarkable patience! 23 months to close 10 White Street loft

Oct. 10, 2010
The listing history for the Manhattan loft on the 3rd floor at 10 White Street is unusual because most sellers who came to market when Lehman fell did not stay on the market continuously if they failed to sell after 3, 6 or 9 months. But these folks stuc

Tribeca's crowded townhouse corner: West Broadway at N. Moore + White

Aug. 30, 2010
The news come from the Tribeca Tribune this morning, via Curbed, that the long-delayed project at the corner of West Broadway at the beginning of N. Moore Street is in an "active" phase again. When (if?) completed, that project will fill in the empty NW c

architect moves from Tribeca loft to East Side apartment, newsworthy for Wall Street Journal

Jul. 3, 2010
To be fair to the Wall Street Journal, yesterday's photo feature about a "young architect" who moved from "a dramatic home: a 1,900-square-foot Tribeca loft with prismatic glass sliding doors that could open to create one enormous room" to "a two-bedroom

36 White Street misses the party, closes (off the radar) like its 2005

Jun. 8, 2010
Tagged with: 2005, 2007, 2008, lehman, white
The Manhattan loft on the 3rd floor at 36 White Street just closed for $1,337,500 (deed June 1, filed PDQ on June 4). Of course there are things about the Manhattan real estate business that I will never understand, and this is one: although this loft has

38 Warren Street and other loft buildings in 1894 (lamp + "gas trimmings" importers & more)

Feb. 20, 2010
I played around on Google when I was looking at the listing history of 38 Warren Street (for the February 19, was the terrace free at 38 Warren Street?) and found some interesting history history for that building, and for others since converted to reside

new Manhattan loft listings + closed sales in last 7 days

Dec. 1, 2008
Categorized in: Market Data - reports
There were only 13 Manhattan lofts reported as new to the market in the last 7 days and only 8 as sold, in a real turkey of a week; 8 of the 13 new ones are offered between $1mm and $3mm, while 4 of the 8 closed sales were between $1mm and $3mm; only 1 of

55 White Street #4C closed, finally, around $1,000/ft

Nov. 9, 2008
The Manhattan loft at 55 White Street #4C just closed for $2.045mm .... The recent listing history is fairly quick for this market (on market July 20, contract September 15), but the extended history shows this took a bit longer (originally offered March

pretty negotiable as 17 White Street #3A closes

Jul. 30, 2008
The Manhattan loft #3A at 17 White Street came to market on March 13 at $4.5mm and found a contract within about six weeks -- the kind of trajectory that often implies a deal at or close to the asking price. In this case, however, there was an 8% solution

17 + 55 White Street dueling open houses at $3.75mm

Feb. 16, 2008
There are open houses at two lovely Manhattan lofts on White Street, separated by both Church Street and 6th Avenue, both offered at the same $3.75mm.

6 Sunday open houses new to market since Thanksgiving

Jan. 4, 2008
Categorized in: open houses
Manhattan loft open houses at 448 West 37 Street, 348 West 36 Street, 130 West 30 Street, 24 East 22 Street, 17 White Street, 156 Franklin Street

81 White contract / far east Tribeca condo under $1,000/ft

Dec. 19, 2007
At “1,982 sq ft” and asking (most recently) $1.75mm, the Manhattan loft #3E at 81 White Street looks like a bargain for a condo in a “classic Tribeca prewar loft building that was completely renovated in 2005”, doesn’t it? Particularly with the

Manhattan Loft Guy

New York, New York

Sandy Mattingly is Manhattan Loft Guy; now with The Corcoran Group (http://corcoran.com/ ; but see the disclaimer at the bottom of the page), he can be reached most easily at Sandy@ManhattanLoftGuy.com or 917.902.2491, and followed on Twitter @ManhattnLoftGuy (note "mis-spelling"). After 7+ years, the blog has moved. Links here on RealTown will work for the foreseeable future, but new posts (and all the old content) has migrated to ManhattanLoftGuy.com.


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