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1 Bond Street loft goes over $1,500/ft for 3 windows

Sep. 16, 2013
Categorized in: loft neighborhoods / NoHo
Last week it was the problems caused by the elevator placement in a Manhattan loft with a classic Long-and-Narrow shape (September 13, 77 White Street loft lacks “bedrooms” because elevator is in the wrong place). Today, the recently sold “1,600 sq

challenging American Thread loft at 260 West Broadway finally sells (contract took 50 weeks)

Aug. 17, 2013
It is hard to argue with success, but I am going to try. The “1,365 sq ft” duplex Manhattan loft #9E at 260 West Broadway in the iconic American Thread Company Building sold on July 17 at a per-foot price that exceeds all but a couple of non-penthouse

no thaw was good news for (eventual) penthouse loft seller at 347 West Broadway

Jul. 22, 2013
Categorized in: Loft neighborhoods / SoHo
If the headline above makes sense to you, thanks for being a regular reader. (For the rest of you, thanks for stopping by; feel free to return.) The premise for the punchline involving the “2,200 sq ft” Manhattan penthouse loft at 347 West Broadway is

prime Soho loft needs imagination, but only $1,091/ft to buy

Jan. 31, 2013
Categorized in: Loft neighborhoods / SoHo
A numbers guy would just focus on the price at which the “2,200 sq ft” Manhattan loft on the 3rd floor at 345 West Broadway sold at year end, but this Manhattan Loft Guy is intrigued by those ceilings. The loft is billed as a project, using the word

flip city: 99 Reade Street loft sold in 2011 sells again, up 4%

Sep. 21, 2012
Some people might look at the September 4 sale of the “1,576 sq ft” Manhattan loft #5W at 99 Reade Street (Reade Court) for $2mm and see that the big news is that it sold at that round number 15 months after being purchased for $1.925mm; really close

third 307 West Broadway loft sells in 2012

Sep. 5, 2012
Categorized in: Loft neighborhoods / SoHo
Small Manhattan loft buildings have fragile ecosystems, and the smaller the more fragile. Take as one example the 7-unit oh-so-classic loft building 307 West Broadway at the extreme southern edge of Soho. I hit it when the New York Times did a wonderful p

did American Thread loft at 260 West Broadway sell on a formula in private sale?

Aug. 22, 2012
I am always intrigued by private sales of Manhattan lofts, wondering whether they represent true arm’s-length transactions at The Market, or whether they should be ignored (and left off the Master List of Manhattan Lofts Sold Since November 2008), or wh

90 West Broadway loft bought at auction dresses up for magazine photo shoot

Jun. 15, 2012
One of the regular features in the must-read Tribeca Citizen is “Loft Peeping”, which today linked to an unidentified “3,500 sq ft” loft featured in New York Magazine’s Design Hunting title. Lofts featured in Manhattan Loft Guy are almost exclus

ballyhooed artist loft with unique floor plan + top kitchen sells for $962/ft at 307 West Broadway

May. 8, 2012
Categorized in: Loft neighborhoods / SoHo
Talk about using the Real Estate Industrial Complex, Manhattan Media Division to your benefit! I have to wonder if there is any connection between the fact that the “3,300 sq ft” Manhattan loft on the 7th floor at 307 West Broadway that just sold was

pushing slightly above the ask, as 140 Thompson Street loft sells on non-A.I.R. side of West Broadway Arches

Apr. 25, 2012
Categorized in: Loft neighborhoods / SoHo
Do you notice those lingering listings that have broker babble that has never been edited, such as “priced to sell!!!” or “won’t last!!!”? (The extra exclamation points are for emphasis, I suppose.) After 6 months and a few price drops, agents r

artist loft clears at $742/ft in south Soho, 307 West Broadway

Apr. 16, 2012
Categorized in: Loft neighborhoods / SoHo
There is a great span of values for primitive lofts, isn’t there? Today’s specimen is the “3,300 sq ft” Manhattan loft on the 6th floor at 307 West Broadway, a roughly 36 x 90 foot canvas on which to “create a masterpiece”, as the broker babbl

old school loft at 60 Grand Street, dressed up without walls, did not sell at $1,224/ft

Feb. 28, 2012
Categorized in: Loft neighborhoods / SoHo
I wish I knew the back story about this very late Soho condo conversion. Certainly not a lot was done to the interior space of the “2,150 sq ft” Manhattan loft #7 at 60 Grand Street that sold for $2.355mm on February 1 at the time it was converted; th

Soho in 1983: $211,000 for 3,300 sq ft; still an artist's loft

Aug. 7, 2011
Categorized in: Loft neighborhoods / SoHo
Manhattan Loft Guy bait in the Habitats feature by Constance Rosenblum on the front page of today’s New York Times real estate section, with a back-in-the-day piece that touches on both Tribeca in the 1970s and Soho in the 1980s, A Loft That Waited for

Tribeca's crowded townhouse corner: West Broadway at N. Moore + White

Aug. 30, 2010
The news come from the Tribeca Tribune this morning, via Curbed, that the long-delayed project at the corner of West Broadway at the beginning of N. Moore Street is in an "active" phase again. When (if?) completed, that project will fill in the empty NW c

what a motivated seller looks like, as 426 West Broadway loft sells

Jul. 10, 2010
Categorized in: Loft neighborhoods / SoHo
The Manhattan loft 426 West Broadway #2G sold on June 23. Aside from being a happy day for the seller, that occasion shows us what someone who really wants to sell will do to, well, sell. To say that these folks came to market in a tough market is a bit o

about those street pianos that are closing up today...

Jul. 5, 2010
I was between appointments in Tribeca last Thursday when I stopped to catch up on email and phone calls in the triangle park at Beach Street, West Broadway and Church Street, across from both the American Thread Building and the old AT&T building. Over t

did the Zen sell a walk-up loft at 464 West Broadway?

May. 22, 2010
Categorized in: Loft neighborhoods / SoHo
I still don't think it was the feng shui that got the Manhattan loft 45 Crosby Street #5S sold back in February (February 25, was it feng shui that got 45 Crosby Street sold?), but the recent sale of the 4th floor at 464 West Broadway might have had some

then what? 34 Leonard new Manhattan loft development to be auctioned

Apr. 19, 2010
Back when I was marketing a Tribeca loft that never sold (sellers were firm about what they wanted; The Market was firm that it was not available), I used to watch the construction of 34 Leonard Street out the window, hoping that it would not take away an

American Thread loft sells on Groundhog's Day, again

Jan. 4, 2010
The Manhattan loft #8C at 260 West Broadway (an all-time MLG favorite loft building) closed on December 23. ...This leads me to wonder (and wander) about the challenges (dangers) of applying 'simple' closed-sale data as a fully credible indication of The

4 months to close, 4 years to zero out at 260 West Broadway

Jun. 5, 2009
The Manhattan loft #5G at 260 West Broadway (the American Thread Building) slid through The Market this year, starting on January 8 and finishing on May 6. (Not as fast as the ten week close at 155 Hudson Street that I hit on May 28, but almost as quick a

Manhattan Loft Guy

New York, New York

Sandy Mattingly is Manhattan Loft Guy; now with The Corcoran Group (http://corcoran.com/ ; but see the disclaimer at the bottom of the page), he can be reached most easily at Sandy@ManhattanLoftGuy.com or 917.902.2491, and followed on Twitter @ManhattnLoftGuy (note "mis-spelling"). After 7+ years, the blog has moved. Links here on RealTown will work for the foreseeable future, but new posts (and all the old content) has migrated to ManhattanLoftGuy.com.


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