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56 Warren Street loft renovation added more value than it cost

Sep. 17, 2013
I am not unusual in always being interested in the impact that renovation has on value; most people who try to follow a residential real estate niche share that interest. I flatter my niche, perhaps, in thinking that this is a much more complicated topic

22 Warren Street penthouse loft sells 6% above ask with 3 terraces, only 2 bedrooms

Aug. 5, 2013
There is a way to turn the recently sold “2,053 sq ft” Manhattan duplexed penthouse loft on the 6th floor at 22 Warren Street in southeast Tribeca into 3 bedrooms, but it would be hugely expensive. Not in dollars, as carpentry is relatively cheap, but

memory lane: 3 for the price of 1, with chills and views

Jul. 11, 2013
In my July 11, 2011, victim of 2009 chill, 395 Broadway loft sells quickly at premium, I looked at a 2011 sale in relation to 2009, while in my July 11, 2009, 50 Warren Street closes, off 45% from original ask + 14% off 2005 price, I looked at one of the

Keystone loft at 38 Warren Street sells up 15% in 11 months

Mar. 13, 2013
Here is another one for buyers who are feeling that (their part of) the Manhattan loft world is moving against them: the “1,850 sq ft” Manhattan loft #7C at 38 Warren Street (Keystone Building) could have been purchased for $2.15mm a year ago (it was!

elevator does not go to top floor at 258 Broadway, penthouse loft sells anyway (eventually, eventually)

Jan. 30, 2013
There are penthouses, and then there are penthouses. My understanding is that the term originally referred to a residential unit built on the roof, usually having direct (private) access to at least part of the roof, and usually added on rather than part

funny prices of 101 Warren Street resale are not so ha-ha

Jan. 29, 2013
After yesterday’s post about a too deep price discount being corrected by The Market, bless her heart (January 28, if robust, The Market will fix a too-low price (at least, it did, at 124 West 24 Street)), I just can’t resist the temptation to tweak a

was year-end loft sale at 101 Warren Street motivated by tax uncertainty?

Jan. 23, 2013
My rant about the Tax Uncertainty Meme that ran through the Manhattan Media Division of the Real Estate Industrial Complex (January 4, in which Manhattan Loft Guy bravely calls BS on the Market Trend Meme Of The Day) provoked a Twitter dialogue with The M

what changed in 2012 to get 8 Warren Street loft sold in September but not January?

Jan. 15, 2013
I am not saying there is a rational explanation for this, just that these are facts about the “2,010 sq ft” Manhattan loft #5E at 8 Warren Street (Trinity Stewart Condominium): it did not sell when offered at $2.8mm from January 3, 2012 to April 9, bu

8 Warren Street loft buyer completes 2nd floor set at record prices

Aug. 23, 2012
There is a very simple reason the “1,932 sq ft” Manhattan loft #2E at 8 Warren Street (Trinity Stewart Condominium) sold quickly at the full asking price, and it does not have to do with the asking price (at least, not directly). When #2E came to mark

indispensable source tracks commercial upgrades on Murray Street

Aug. 15, 2012
The go-to guy for hyper-local street level news in Tribeca, the intrepid Tribeca Citizen, this week has hit a few instances of the changing storefronts on Murray Street in southeast Tribeca. Good stuff, reflecting a slow shift away from the oh-so-gritty t

TYATOMLG: 1999 + 2010 loft resales at 27 N. Moore Street & 71 Warren Street

May. 26, 2012
Into The Wayback Machine, Sherman, as we go back to Manhattan Loft Guy two years ago today to catch up on (then) recent sales of two lofts that both previously sold way back in 1999. Part of the fun is in thinking about how different Tribeca was in 1999 (

truly "one of a kind" bathroom sells for $2.35mm, loft at 56 Warren Street comes with it

Apr. 27, 2012
Forgive me, but the question that lingers longest in my mind after seeing that the “2,200 sq ft” Manhattan loft #5E at 56 Warren Street just sold for $2.35mm, is how did they take that bathroom picture without the photographer being reflected in the m

53 Warren Street loft resale shows depth of bath developer took in 2009

Mar. 14, 2012
The resale of the “1,562 sq ft” Manhattan loft on the 2nd floor at 53 Warren Street is a happy tale for the sellers, as they paid the sponsor only $1,705,568 in August 2009 for the loft they sold on February 16 at $2.15mm. That’s a gain of 26% in 30

22 Warren Street loft seller paints a portrait of motivation

Mar. 10, 2012
Maybe the winner of the Oscar for Most Motivated Buyer would have dropped in another price or two, but 4 price drops in 9 weeks looks to me like at least an performance worth a nomination by the sellers of the “1,800 sq ft” Manhattan loft on the 4th f

101 Warren Street loft resells on 6th price, up 3.5% since 2008

Dec. 22, 2011
It took a while, and many price drops, for the “1,473 sq ft” Manhattan loft #1180 at 101 Warren Street to finally sell on November 30 for $1.975mm. Staying on the market from January to the October contract shows persistence, and the five price drops

19 Warren Street loft sold by minor celebrity at major profit

Jun. 17, 2011
The Manhattan loft #PH-W at 19 Warren Street sold on June 7 through a deed filed today (according to StreetEasy), yet the New York Observer observed in yesterday’s edition on-line that it had been sold, “according to city records”. (The h/t goes to

101 Warren Street resale makes news without being new

Apr. 10, 2011
Do people think that the regular Sunday New York Times real estate section feature Residential Sales Around The Region features recent sales? I bet they do, though to be fair to the Times it does not use a word like that anywhere. I should thank the Times

eventual 92 Warren Street resale beats 2007 new development price by 5%

Mar. 23, 2011
Is the recent sale of the Manhattan loft #5W at 92 Warren Street more interesting because it is a resale of a 2007 new development that exceeded the original sponsor sale price, or is it more interesting because it illustrates one problem with doing comps

the difficulty in comping in former new development / the 101 Warren St laboratory

Jan. 16, 2011
It is no secret that in looking at historical data for Manhattan lofts (or other Manhattan coops or condos, generally) that started not too long ago as new developments it is difficult to compare apples to apples without knowing the contract dates of the

loft at 8-10 Warren Street is first resale of 2008 new development, but is still smiling

Dec. 4, 2010
You might bet that resales would be challenging in an At Peak Manhattan condominium conversion of a real loft building, particularly if you recall the exercise I went through in my March 5 data dump: 27 Manhattan lofts sold in 2007 + recently, which can

Manhattan Loft Guy

New York, New York

Sandy Mattingly is Manhattan Loft Guy; now with The Corcoran Group (http://corcoran.com/ ; but see the disclaimer at the bottom of the page), he can be reached most easily at Sandy@ManhattanLoftGuy.com or 917.902.2491, and followed on Twitter @ManhattnLoftGuy (note "mis-spelling"). After 7+ years, the blog has moved. Links here on RealTown will work for the foreseeable future, but new posts (and all the old content) has migrated to ManhattanLoftGuy.com.


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