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TYAToMLG: a great counter counts summer contracts + listings

Sep. 7, 2013
Categorized in: Market Trends
On Thursday I used The Miller’s new way of cutting the 20-year Manhattan residential real estate market into 8 eras in service of a post about a particular Tribeca loft with a long history of its own (September 5, 90 Franklin Street loft history more li

no thaw was good news for (eventual) penthouse loft seller at 347 West Broadway

Jul. 22, 2013
Categorized in: Loft neighborhoods / SoHo
If the headline above makes sense to you, thanks for being a regular reader. (For the rest of you, thanks for stopping by; feel free to return.) The premise for the punchline involving the “2,200 sq ft” Manhattan penthouse loft at 347 West Broadway is

129 West 22 Street loft seller rewarded by 24% in 26 months for not renovating

Jun. 28, 2013
Every “arm’s length” sale is a snapshot of the agreement that a buyer and a seller made about the value of a property at a particular point in time. Econ 101, right? And a pair of such snapshots of the same property at two different points in time t

142 West 26 Street loft epitomizes "loft", also "bidding war"

Jun. 17, 2013
If you took a too-quick look at the New York Post’s Just Sold! feature last Thursday, you saw the (yes!) recently sold “1,700 sq ft” Manhattan loft #12B at 142 West 26 Street at kind of a funny number ($2.253mm). The possibly too-quick bit was the s

huge renovation premium for (awkward?) 251 West 19 Street that last sold in 2010

Mar. 25, 2013
The math on the recently resold “1,630 sq ft” Manhattan loft #1D at 251 West 19 Street is pretty impressive: sold on February 27 at $1.76mm after a renovation by the folks who paid $830,000 for the loft as a bring-your-architect special on March 29, 2

Keystone loft at 38 Warren Street sells up 15% in 11 months

Mar. 13, 2013
Here is another one for buyers who are feeling that (their part of) the Manhattan loft world is moving against them: the “1,850 sq ft” Manhattan loft #7C at 38 Warren Street (Keystone Building) could have been purchased for $2.15mm a year ago (it was!

when beautiful things happen to high ceilings / 720 Greenwich Street loft sells big after mezzanine re-do

Mar. 4, 2013
How big does the footprint of the Manhattan loft #1J at 720 Greenwich Street (floor plan here) look to you? Put aside for the moment the high ceilings that permit a mezzanine and do the math; you will see why the listing is coy about size (not mentioning

market corrects too-low price drop at Chelsea Mercantile, just as it's supposed to

Feb. 25, 2013
Regular readers of Manhattan Loft Guy know that I often observe that, absent a thin buyer pool, The Market will correct a price drop that is ‘too low’ by having multiple bidders push the clearing price above the asking price. The price history of the

in which Manhattan Loft Guy bravely calls BS on the Market Trend Meme Of The Day

Jan. 4, 2013
Categorized in: Market Trends
Anyone who has any interest in the state of the overall Manhattan residential real estate market has already seen one or another of the articles from the Manhattan Media Division of the Real Estate Industrial Complex about the state of The Market at the e

a bidding skirmish? 142 Duane Street loft nudged above ask

Nov. 5, 2012
The term “bidding war” is oft-used and much loved in the Manhattan division of the Real Estate Industrial Complex, but it covers a variety of intensities and can hard to discern from the outside. The recent sale of the “1,650 sq ft” Manhattan loft

53 N. Moore street loft sells up 17% over 2005, only 4% above unsuccessful 2011 price

Oct. 10, 2012
If it seems like only yesterday that I hit a sale at the North Moore, you need to slow down. It’s been almost a week since my October 4, massive combined loft sells $65,000 above ask at 53 N. Moore Street. The puzzle in that one was an oh-so-awkward flo

massive combined loft sells $65,000 above ask at 53 N. Moore Street

Oct. 4, 2012
The strangest thing about the recent sale above ask of the “4,040 sq ft” Manhattan loft combination #2DE at 53 N. Moore Street is not that above-ask thing; no, the strangest thing about this loft is that it has such an awkward floor plan despite havin

huge 205 West 19 Street loft sells at $200,000/window, but why?

Oct. 3, 2012
By any measure, the marketing campaign for the “3,500 sq ft” Manhattan loft #10F at 205 West 19 Street was a success. A full price contract in 4 weeks at $1,143/ft ($4mm) is the main measure, of course, but you could also say it sold for $200,000 for

price discovery was long + hard for 144 West 27 Street loft with 2 kitchens, 3 dishwashers

Sep. 10, 2012
The folks who just sold the “2,850 sq ft” Manhattan loft #4F at 144 West 27 Street seem to have bought it as two lofts in 1998 (for $662,000) yet never got around to (fully) combining them (a single door between the two does not count when there is no

WOW, indeed: "wow factor" loft at 66 Crosby Street has late bidding war to close up 60% over 2006

Aug. 30, 2012
Categorized in: Loft neighborhoods / SoHo
Yes, I was a little over the top yesterday in my praise for the (mini) loft that sold at an astounding (for the building) price per foot (that was August 29, unique loft at 236 West 26 Street bends the market by selling well above comps). My defense is th

ultimate Soho loft with glass walls, stone floor sells at 117 Prince Street at $1,240/ft

Mar. 27, 2012
Categorized in: Loft neighborhoods / SoHo
It doesn’t get more classic Soho loft than the “2,500 sq ft” Manhattan loft #3C at 117 Prince Street: a classic Long-and-Narrow footprint with 2 bedrooms in back and plumbing on both long sides; “in a 19th century cast-iron front industrial buil

love it or hate it? glass master bath sells at 181 Hudson Street loft

Mar. 22, 2012
Sometimes I wonder if I get attracted (or, distracted) by the same things in a listing that people who do not look at Manhattan lofts for a living notice. For the recent sale of the “1,898 sq ft” Manhattan loft #3F at 181 Hudson Street, it might be th

15 Mercer Street loft closes off a million

Mar. 2, 2012
Categorized in: Loft neighborhoods / SoHo
I was disappointed that the buyer I told about the “2,916 sq ft” Manhattan loft on the 2nd floor at 15 Mercer Street did not like the 2nd floor, because I love this loft. But not as disappointed as the seller (who also loved the loft), because The Mar

loft with artist's personality sells at $1,174/ft at 149 Franklin Street

Dec. 13, 2011
The Manhattan loft #5S at 149 Franklin Street that just sold has a very idiosyncratic character and a fascinating (odd) floor plan. No one who has seen it was surprised to see that it was the long-time live and work space for an artist, "2,300 sq ft" with

high floor low ceiling loft at 25 West 15 Street closes on 2nd contract, 2nd price

Nov. 18, 2011
The “1,800 sq ft” Manhattan loft on the 6th floor at 25 West 15 Street took 5 months to find a contract that stuck, using two asking prices (the second higher than the first), but until August all the action was in the first 6 weeks. This history is u

Manhattan Loft Guy

New York, New York

Sandy Mattingly is Manhattan Loft Guy; now with The Corcoran Group (http://corcoran.com/ ; but see the disclaimer at the bottom of the page), he can be reached most easily at Sandy@ManhattanLoftGuy.com or 917.902.2491, and followed on Twitter @ManhattnLoftGuy (note "mis-spelling"). After 7+ years, the blog has moved. Links here on RealTown will work for the foreseeable future, but new posts (and all the old content) has migrated to ManhattanLoftGuy.com.


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