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room or light? Tribeca or Chelsea? 2 lofts sold above ask at $2.645 million have different charms

Sep. 24, 2013
Categorized in: loft style
I had ticketed two contemporaneous Manhattan loft sales back when there was a summer in New York; now is a good time to check them out. The “1,789 sq ft” Manhattan loft on the 3rd floor of 56 Thomas Street and the “1,493 sq ft” Manhattan loft #12A

quick flip of 52 Thomas Street loft is breathtakingly irrational

Aug. 29, 2013
Sometimes things make so little sense that all one can do is note the facts and move on. I really wish I had something sensible to say about the recent sales history of the “1,967 sq ft” Manhattan loft #4D at 52 Thomas Street, but …. [crickets]. I c

a tale of two 2nd floor lofts on Thomas Street

May. 14, 2013
It was the best of times for the 2nd floor loft at 86 Thomas Street, as it just sold for $1,325/ft; it was the worst of times for the 2nd floor loft next door at 84 Thomas Street, which failed to sell despite being offered $1,081/ft. (It is confusing time

52 Thomas Street loft knocks resale out of the park, up 17% since 2008

Jun. 30, 2011
I keep staring at the the record of the recent sale of the Manhattan loft #3A at 52 Thomas Street, without achieving clarity. That facts are simple but inexplicable: the first resale in this 2007 new development was at a 16.8% gain over the sponsor sale t

60 Thomas sells +21%, but that's above 2004 purchase

Apr. 9, 2011
If you were the seller of the Manhattan loft on the 6th floor of 60 Thomas Street you are pleased to sell at a 21% gain, even if that gain is measured from 2004. You are also pleased to sell at a mild (4%) discount from asking price, getting $2.3mm for yo

another developer haircut as 52 Thomas Street penthouse loft closes off 29% from original ask

Aug. 27, 2010
The Manhattan new development loft Penthouse A at 52 Thomas Street was featured in yesterday's Just Sold section of the New York Post's real estate section.... As is usual with such brokerage-sourced PR, the Post's data is a little ... incomplete. Yes, it

spectacular restored loft gets 22% haircut, 85 Mercer sells for $937/ft

Feb. 4, 2010
Categorized in: Loft neighborhoods / SoHo
Last week's Manhattan Loft Guy fun word was "unspoiled", as in my January 27 "unspoiled" loft at 70 Thomas St sells for $511/ft, about a loft in not-prime Tribeca that needed a lot of work (not to mention, was up 4 flights of stairs). This week's word (s

"unspoiled" loft at 70 Thomas St sells for $511/ft

Jan. 27, 2010
You've read a lot of broker-babble in the descriptions of Manhattan lofts for sale, and in this sense I mean "babble" as in drivel.... So when I came across the listing description for the Manhattan loft #5 at 70 Thomas Street ... I had to smile. No babbl

2008 diet works / slimmer 8 Thomas contract

Feb. 6, 2008
The Manhattan loft The 2d floor at 8 Thomas Street had been on the market for quite a while last year (14 months, into November), was taken off the market then came back three weeks ago with a new firm , a slimmer price ... and the lead “not simply a lo

welcome 8 Thomas back, slimmer

Jan. 15, 2008
Not a lot of Tribeca charm on this block, just authentic grit. There’s a beautiful (cast iron?) 5-story commercial building directly across the street but a massive phone company tower also in front of this building. Between the McDonalds on the corner

Sunday open house tour – a 9-stop Tribeca tour

Oct. 19, 2007
Manhattan lofts for sale at 260 West Broadway, 16 Hudson Street, 90 Hudson Street, 165 Hudson Street, 474 Greenwich, 11 Worth Street, 84 Thomas Street and 129 Duane Street are having open houses Sunday

Sunday Open House review / Tribeca from the bottom up, some need a lot

Oct. 12, 2007
Tagged with: chambers, greenwich, hudson, thomas, worth
Manhattan loft open houses at 126 Chambers Street, 80 Chambers Street, 84 Thomas Street, 11 Worth Street, 90 Hudsno Street, 448 Greenwich Street

Manhattan Loft Guy

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