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77 White Street loft lacks "bedrooms" because elevator is in the wrong place

Sep. 13, 2013
Yesterday, it was dark bedrooms being switched (September 12, flipping the dark bedrooms earns 100 Hudson Street loft 20% premium over (near) Peak); today it is a funky floor plan for a Long-and-Narrow Tribeca loft that is (probably) funky because the lat

104 Charlton Street loft comes (cheap!) with a nickel tour

Aug. 22, 2013
Categorized in: Loft neighborhoods / SoHo
You’d have to work a bit to get the full story if you start in StreetEasy, but there is a gratifyingly large amount of information available about the “2,184 sq ft” Manhattan loft #2W at 104 Charlton Street that recently sold under $1,000/ft. Let’

you'd have to see 161 Hudson Street loft to hope to know why it sold 53% above 2009, 9% above ask

May. 28, 2013
You only have to toggle back and forth between the 2013 floor plan and the 2009 floor plan for the “2,314 sq ft” Manhattan loft #2B at 161 Hudson Street a few times before you are confident that the structure of the loft has been little changed in the

when the 2nd floor is high enough: 21 East 22 Street mini-loft sells at $1,086/ft in Flatiron

May. 3, 2012
The 1988 conversion to residential coop living 21 East 22 Street is one of the largest buildings with some of the smallest lofts among classic Manhattan loft buildings. Most units in this 12-story, 128 unit coop are under 1,000 sq ft and most sales come i

65 West 13 Street loft sales shows the trick about being patient

Jun. 6, 2011
I’ve been on a bit of a jag lately, noting Manhattan loft sales that defy Conventional Wisdom by holding firm at a price for a (relatively) long time, then getting a deal done within reasonable negotiating range of that price. (5 in the last two months;

114 Mercer Street loft sells at $848/ft with 4 windows, 3 mints, 2 dark BRs + 1 exposure the limits of the Long-and-Narrow form

Dec. 3, 2010
Categorized in: Loft neighborhoods / SoHo
The Manhattan loft 114 Mercer Street #2 is said to be “2,300 sq ft” with 14 foot ceilings, and to have been gut renovated with some especially chic details. It sits on a prime Soho block (between Spring and Prince), yet the deed filed this week when i

the deed is done at 135 Watts, finally / following a falling market

Dec. 11, 2008
Categorized in: Market Trends
I have found the single Manhattan loft that (so far) best illustrates the change in The Market over the last year -- with a gloss of unique-lofts-are-hard-to-value. The cold perspective of time is quite the teacher. No question (in retrospect) that this s

716 Broadway closes after (count 'em) 126 weeks

Nov. 13, 2008
Categorized in: loft neighborhoods / NoHo
The Manhattan loft on the 2d floor at 716 Broadway boasts of many things: views of Washington Square Park, 13 foot ceilings, "huge" private terrace, and mahogany woodwork. They may not be bragging about having taken 126 weeks to sell, but perhaps they sho

one year to a lovely sale at Atalanta, 25 N. Moore Street, two years after lovely buy

Oct. 9, 2008
The real news here is that the Manhattan loft Unit 2A at The Atalanta, 25 N. Moore Street, closed with a deed filed on September 8. ...Considering that the September 2008 seller at $3.1mm bought in September 2006 for $2.3mm, I'd say that is a pretty sweet

116 West 14 Street closes at very old price / why so long?

Jul. 1, 2008
I hit on the Manhattan loft 2d floor at 116 West 14 Street when it was not-really-new-but-recycled to market at the beginning of the year (January 26, ‘new’ at 116 West 14 Street is recycled, green, pumped). It closed recently, with a deed filed June

waiting for the final number for Steiner sale / looks like a premium

Apr. 22, 2008
Unit #2D at 257 West 17 Street (The Steiner Building) shows up today as Sold & Closed in our inter-firm data base.... The footprint is a wonderful variation on a Long-and-Narrow Manhattan loft layout....

more bad 2d floor news / 135 Watts back + lower / is it the tea?

Apr. 7, 2008
135 Watts Street, 2d floor is back on the Manhattan loft market today, after a contract being signed on March 28, according to the inter-firm data base. That's gotta hurt, as it has been on the market since December starting at $3.695mm, and bouncing up

past the point of pain at 32 West 18 Street w new price drop

Apr. 7, 2008
Categorized in: pricing analysis
I have removed the content of this blog post, as it comments about the current listing of another agent. For information about why, check out end of an era for Manhattan Loft Guy / a new day dawns?... [Read More]

‘new’ at 116 West 14 Street is recycled, green, pumped

Jan. 26, 2008
The Manhattan loft on the 2d floor at 116 West 14 Street is “new” for Stribling, “recycled” since it had been for sale last year elsewhere, “green” in marketing, and going for a premium for being a full floor and for its “luxurious finishes”. They are asking an even $5mm and $3,641/mo (condo) for “3,948 sq ft.

161 W 15 drops down to add up to contract

Dec. 26, 2007
Manhattan loft #2H at 161 West 15 Street is in contract, after 12 weeks and 2 price drops.

2d floor sale while pain continues on 3d floor at Ruggles House 112 E 19 St

Jul. 15, 2007
“overlooking tree-lined street” – from tree level Yet another second floor loft caught my eye, with the news that #2F at 112 E 19 Street went into contract as of yesterday. T... [Read More]

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