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not lofty enough in Manhattan, smiling at Manhattan from DUMBO

Jan. 20, 2008
Artist looks for Manhattan loft but ends up in DUMBO Brooklyn.

107 W 25 goes over ask / back story to NY Times item

Jan. 10, 2008
Today’s NY Times Residential Sales featured one Manhattan loft, described as selling after 13 weeks on the market with multiple bids. ... Yes, it took 13 weeks for Unit 4C to close, but only 9 days (from July 21 to July 30) to get the accepted offer tha

irony abounds / NY Times on geography + internet

Dec. 23, 2007
In Manhattan, there used to be sewing machine repair shops clustered around West 26 Street, off Sixth Avenue, and button and ‘notions’ in the high West 30s, west of Eight Avenue, when the Seventh Avenue corridor in the 20s and 30s really did center th

fluff (dated fluff, in fact) from NY Times ‘styles’ / remember that rug??

Dec. 21, 2007
Categorized in: general weird stuff
Tagged with: ny times, rug, styles, trends, zebra
The NY Times yesterday announced that I was not alone in commenting on the ubiquity of the zebra rug, in Flash in the Can, about design trends that “got up and went” in 2007.

more actual data / November sales in Manhattan more or less steady

Dec. 18, 2007
Categorized in: Market Data - reports
My take [on the Manhattan real estate market report] is that this indicates that sellers are holding firm (as firm as before, at least) and that (at least some) buyers are willing to meet sellers there. So the (fewer) deals that got done in November got d

no loft FSBOs for the Holidays

Dec. 13, 2007
The NY Times real estate website has 677 “listings” for lofts in Manhattan between $1mm and $5mm. Not all of these are real, of course, as some are open listings for new developments posted by agents scamming for buyers, and some are likely to be ‘n

making sense is hard / NYT vs WSJ on The Manhattan Market

Dec. 11, 2007
Categorized in: Psychology of the market
The Wall Street Journal’s November 30 article They’ll Take Manhattan – For Less and the New York Times December 2 article Between Buyers and Selelrs, A Staltemate have gotten a lot of play in the blogosphere, as if they were drawing opposite conclus

some Oct market data shows stable Manhattan market

Nov. 11, 2007
Categorized in: Market Data - reports
Data on the October real estate market in Manhattan reported in the New York Times shows that a stable market continues.

Old Grey Lady plays on obit page

Oct. 23, 2007
Tagged with: ny times, obituaries
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I usually look at the NY Times obituary page, and often read it. (I learn so much there.) Props to a buddy for pointing me towards it today, before I had gotten a chance to look.

Talking Heads on NY Times op-ed page (not those talking heads)

Oct. 8, 2007
Tagged with: krugman, ny times, talking heads
I happen to be a big Paul Krugman fan. Krugman is -- of course -- one of the talking heads who regularly writes on the NY Times op-ed page. I find him witty and wise and definitely opinionated. A good combination in an op-ed columnist.

open house nuggets / the NYT back story edition for 312 E 23

Sep. 8, 2007
Tagged with: east 23, ny times
I mentioned 312 East 23 St #10B ($1.2mm and $1,645/mo for "1,200 sq ft" and new four weeks ago) in an open house review August 25, This weekend it is featured in the NY Times On The Market section... [Read More]

democracy in the death notices / from Agel to Ballard with a stop at Astor

Aug. 16, 2007
I must have been stuck on the subway on Tuesday, too crowded to turn pages on my NY Times Metro section. The last page of the Metro included Death Notices, which I usually don’t read but whic... [Read More]

NY Times book review pans 1970s SoHo fiction

Aug. 8, 2007
Categorized in: Loft neighborhoods / SoHo
and now for something completely different… Yesterday’s NY Times included a review by Michiko Kakutani of the new novel Before, by Irini Spanidou, which is set in the dangerous SoHo o... [Read More]

elevator coming to 160 Chambers / NY Times On The Market

Aug. 4, 2007
still a 1 + 1 with 3 flights of stairs Tomorrow’s On The Market feature in the NY Times real estate section profiles #3 at 160 Chambers Street, which I have twice mentioned in open house rev... [Read More]

372 Fifth little loft / NY Times On The Market

Jul. 30, 2007
so small but so tall Sunday’s On The Market feature in the Sunday real estate section of the NY Times included a Manhattan loft that is only “744 sq ft”, #3P at 372 Fifth Avenue.... [Read More]

loft pioneering as late as 1998 / 62 Orchard St NY Times Habitats feature

Jul. 29, 2007
story + back story from the Lower East Side Fascinating article in Sunday’s Habitats section of the NY Times real estate section about a California couple who found “exactly the vision... [Read More]

SoHo kvetching (yes, more)

Jul. 27, 2007
Categorized in: Loft neighborhoods / SoHo
Tagged with: good old days, history, ny times
Aside from people who are paying millions and millions to move to SoHo lofts (not that there is anything wrong with that), there is a nearly constant stream of people complaining about the loss of... [Read More]

bidding war at 2 Prince / back story on NY Times loft Res Sales

Jul. 26, 2007
Categorized in: Loft neighborhoods / SoHo
Tagged with: bidding war, ny times, prince
a hot one has sold + closed Today’s Residential Sales feature in the Home & Garden section of the NY Times features a NoLiTa loft that I talked about when it was new in March (two new at... [Read More]

where have all the loft FSBOs gone? nary a two on NYTimes.com

Jul. 9, 2007
Manhattan loft FSBOs are very rare One of the topics on my personal gotta-blog-about-that list is based on that NY Times article a month ago about how for-sale-by-owners (FSBOs) in Madison, Wiscon... [Read More]

the rest of the story about 427 Washington / NY Times Habitats column

Jul. 7, 2007
buyers see 100+ lofts until the ‘this is it’ moment Fascinating piece in today’s NY Times “Habitats” feature by Stephen Williams about a couple who found (18 months s... [Read More]

Manhattan Loft Guy

New York, New York

Sandy Mattingly is Manhattan Loft Guy; now with The Corcoran Group (http://corcoran.com/ ; but see the disclaimer at the bottom of the page), he can be reached most easily at Sandy@ManhattanLoftGuy.com or 917.902.2491, and followed on Twitter @ManhattnLoftGuy (note "mis-spelling"). After 7+ years, the blog has moved. Links here on RealTown will work for the foreseeable future, but new posts (and all the old content) has migrated to ManhattanLoftGuy.com.


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