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28 Laight Street 1-day loft sale looks like a whisper listing

Sep. 26, 2013
We can agree, I assume, that the public record behind the recent sale of the "2,705 sq ft" Manhattan loft #2D at 28 Laight Street in the Cobblestone Lofts cannot reflect an actual public marketing. StreetEasy has it as new to market on July 2 and in contr

memory lane: of cobblestones and new condo owners in Tribeca (an unusual conflict)

Jul. 5, 2013
You were warned in my July 4 post that you’ve got a couple of weeks of archived Manhattan loft Guy material coming up. Let’s kick it off with a SEVEN Years Ago Today on Manhattan Loft Guy, my July 5, 2006, You can’t make this stuff up / condo owners

when bad things ($605/ft!) happen to nice lofts, super storm edition at 79 Laight Street

Jun. 18, 2013
It is not often that you see weather impacts in Manhattan loft listings or sales, or that you see lofts for sale that have actually been wrecked (as in destroyed) as opposed to having been allowed to decay. The recently sold “2,973 sq ft” Manhattan lo

what has changed at Cobblestone Lofts, 28 Laight Street, since 2005?

Apr. 28, 2012
To answer the headline question quickly (as if there were any mystery to it): nothing significant has changed since 2005 about the new-in-2000 multi-building residential loft conversion known as 28 Laight Street, the Cobblestone Lofts. It still sits in t

161 Hudson Street closes off 2.5% since (late) 2007

Mar. 17, 2012
Regular readers of Manhattan Loft Guy know that I am enamored of the power (well, potential) of the Master List of Manhattan Lofts Sold Since November 2008, and that one of my favorite uses to date was to use paired resales to assess the relative strength

Wall Street Journal flogs north Tribeca for no apparent reason

Dec. 3, 2011
Believe me, I get that one purpose of the media wing of the Manhattan Real Estate Industrial Complex is to create ‘news’ about little neighborhoods, in part to follow a narrative of up-and-coming. This Wall Street Journal piece from last week, Upscale

why move to 4,000 sq ft 71 Murray Street loft from 44 Laight Street 4,000 sq ft loft?

Oct. 19, 2011
It is not quite right to say that the “4,021 sq ft” Manhattan loft #4A at 44 Laight Street (the Grabler Building) that sold on August 17 at $4.06mm (which was the subject of a post on September 26, below) was traded for the “4,002 sq ft” Manhattan

44 Laight Street, where another flipper scarfed most of the gain, but did he work for it?

Sep. 26, 2011
It is some news that the “4,021sq ft” Manhattan loft #4A at 44 Laight Street (Grabler Building) sold on August 17 at $4.06mm, give that it last sold in December 2006 at $3.75mm, as that post-2006 gain of 8.3% is interesting for those readers looking f

28 Laight Street loft sale under-performs neighbor's sale

Aug. 6, 2011
The Manhattan loft #5C at 28 Laight Street (Cobblestone Lofts, converted to condominiums in 2001) came to market last Fall just two days after the neighbor downstairs in loft #2B went to contract. These neighboring lofts are of similar size and utility (b

referee ends Damon Dash saga at 79 Laight Street after a year

Aug. 1, 2011
It is not obvious from the deed names of record, but the July 15 sale of the Manhattan loft #5F at 709 Laight Street (the US Sugar Building) was of the second of two lofts previously owned shared with the bank by former phenom Damon Dash. The record owner

thinking better of the price increase, 34 Laight Street loft sells

Jun. 29, 2011
The Manhattan loft on the 2nd floor of 34 Laight Street has a listing history you don’t see every day: to market at $1.895mm on November 5, price increase to $2.1mm on January 7, contract by March 7. There are not too many listing price increases these

11 months to sell 58 Walker Street penthouse loft at (eventually) modest discount

Jun. 3, 2011
The Manhattan loft on the 5th floor at 58 Walker Street had been a serial non-seller until finally selling on May 5 at $2,832,500. It had not sold when offered at $3.5mm (and higher) from July through September 2006; it had not sold when offered at $3.495

stubborn loft seller at 44 Laight Street takes a year to get right (great!) price

Jun. 2, 2011
The Manhattan loft #2A at 44 Laight Street sold on May 9 without a price drop despite taking 11 months to find that contract. Let’s repeat what we know about Conventional Wisdom and a listing that has been on the market for 3 … 4 … 6 … 9 … month

165 Hudson Street loft celebrates birthday with a sale

Feb. 7, 2011
When the Manhattan loft #2B at 165 Hudson Street closed on January 20 for $995,000 it had just ‘celebrated’ one of those awkward anniversaries for a residential sale listing, in Manhattan or anywhere: it had come to market on January 15, 2010. But at

the happy (true!) story about that Pearline Soap loft sold at 20% "loss" as massive triplex assembled

Nov. 5, 2010
Manhattan Loft Guy cares little for Mr. Timberlake; I am intrigued (but confused) by the future layout for this 5,000 sq ft triplex; and I bear a warning about using the 2nd floor sale as a comp for this (heretofore) very successful 2008 set of newly buil

79 Laight Street loft also being auctioned today (UPDATED)

Jul. 28, 2010
I noted yesterday that Damon Dash's loft at 25 N. Moore Street (The Atalanta) had been foreclosed on and was set for auction today (July 27, foreclosure auction tomorrow for 25 N. Moore Street celebrity loft). There is one significant wrinkle to this stor

what's up with this down? Sugar closes on Laight Street under $1,000/ft

Jan. 31, 2010
The last time I hit sales at 79 Laight Street, December 4, 2008, Sugar is sweet but 79 Laight Street closing is better, there were several recent sales. One was just under $1,000/ft, the other was nearly $1,100/ft. There was a deed filed Friday on a Manha

New Listings + Sales of Manhattan lofts in last 7 days

Jan. 27, 2008
Categorized in: Market Data - reports
There were 26 Manhattan lofts reported as new to the market in the last 7 days and only 15 as sold; 18 of the 26 new ones are offered between $1mm and $3mm; while 14 of the 15 closed sales were under $3mm; only 1 of the 26 new loft listings are in new dev

buyer blinked at 79 Laight / November sale near ask

Dec. 19, 2007
I posted on October 11 about the Manhattan loft “toddler of a listing” at 79 Laight Street #3A, which was first to market in September 2006 at $4.75mm, then quickly reduced to $4.5mm at which it held for nearly a year before dropping in September 2007

New Listings + Sales of Manhattan lofts in last 7 days

Nov. 18, 2007
Categorized in: Market Data - reports
there were 36 Manhattan lofts reported as new to the market in the last 7 days, and 18 as sold; 22 of the 36 new ones are offered under $2mm and 11 more from $2mm to $3mm; only 7 of 18 closed sales were below $2mm; 21 of the 36 new loft listings are in ne

Manhattan Loft Guy

New York, New York

Sandy Mattingly is Manhattan Loft Guy; now with The Corcoran Group (http://corcoran.com/ ; but see the disclaimer at the bottom of the page), he can be reached most easily at Sandy@ManhattanLoftGuy.com or 917.902.2491, and followed on Twitter @ManhattnLoftGuy (note "mis-spelling"). After 7+ years, the blog has moved. Links here on RealTown will work for the foreseeable future, but new posts (and all the old content) has migrated to ManhattanLoftGuy.com.


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