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77 White Street loft lacks "bedrooms" because elevator is in the wrong place

Sep. 13, 2013
Yesterday, it was dark bedrooms being switched (September 12, flipping the dark bedrooms earns 100 Hudson Street loft 20% premium over (near) Peak); today it is a funky floor plan for a Long-and-Narrow Tribeca loft that is (probably) funky because the lat

all Soho is not alike: 12 Wooster Street loft sells for $869/ft after renovation

Feb. 13, 2013
Categorized in: Loft neighborhoods / SoHo
Even a sub-market like Soho has outliers. Regular readers of Manhattan Loft Guy know why Soho and Tribeca are high-end price outliers in the overall Manhattan residential real estate market (e.g., February 2, Tribeca and Soho top the rankings in median pr

walking up is hard to do: primitive loft at 37 Walker Street sells with 4 flights of stairs down 5% since 2006, sorta

Jan. 3, 2013
I am going to try very hard not to snark (too much) about the broker babble that supported the recent sale of the sizzling pad STRIKE “2,191 sq ft” Manhattan loft on the top two floors at 37 Walker Street, because the real story about the sale is how

painful renovation of 22 Wooster Street loft nets $550k over Peak

Aug. 17, 2011
Categorized in: Loft neighborhoods / SoHo
I loved the huge 2-bedroom (“3,200 sq ft”) Manhattan loft #4C at 22 Wooster Street when I saw it with some buyers when it was asking $4.35mm, but not so much that my people bid on it. The Market (eventually) loved it too, but it took ten months and 4

thinking better of the price increase, 34 Laight Street loft sells

Jun. 29, 2011
The Manhattan loft on the 2nd floor of 34 Laight Street has a listing history you don’t see every day: to market at $1.895mm on November 5, price increase to $2.1mm on January 7, contract by March 7. There are not too many listing price increases these

down and down 44 Walker Street loft closes after a year, off 7% since Peak

May. 12, 2011
The Manhattan loft on the 4th floor at 44 Walker Street closed on April 26 at $1.79mm, which seems not particularly brag-worthy given that it started the marketing campaign way back on November 26, 2009 at $2.3mm. But would you be more inclined to brag if

turning 2 "lofts" into 1 "apartment" at 303 Mercer, then selling for $996/ft

Dec. 10, 2010
Some people just prefer to live in Manhattan “apartments”, instead of “lofts”. I get that, but it is unusual to see one of those “apartment” people buy adjoining lofts (with 11 foot ceilings, large windows, wide-plank flooring, even “loft-li

working artist leaves Tribeca for ... the East Side?? the New York Times hunts for the reason

Nov. 21, 2010
As with so many searches profiled in The Hunt feature in the Sunday New York Times real estate section, there is a logic to the decision made by today’s Hunt-er (Space Wanted for Living and Painting) that took him from two floors in a Warren Street loft

4 years = $15,000 at 477 Broome Street

May. 27, 2009
Categorized in: Loft neighborhoods / SoHo
The Manhattan loft #33 at 477 Broome Street recently delivered a new data point, with history: April 12, 2005 = $950k April 29, 2009 = $965k This history nearly precisely parallels the 2006-2009 history of a loft profiled a few weeks ago (May 8, at 2

a telling trajectory? 47 Walker Street sells on 2d floor

Oct. 24, 2008
While these two sales are not exactly comparable, they are awfully close. They would appeal to different Manhattan loft buyers because the second floor unit is said to be 500 sq ft larger, but in both cases most buyers would expect to put in money to upda

'nother new one at 138 Duane

Apr. 2, 2008
I have removed the content of this blog post, as it comments about the current listing of another agent. For information about why, check out end of an era for Manhattan Loft Guy / a new day dawns?... [Read More]

we’ve been here before / new at 160 Chambers

Dec. 7, 2007
The Manhattan loft Unit 2 at 160 Chambers Street is new to market today, without pix or floor plan (yet?) and the only web info I see is on NYTimes.com. They are asking $1.675mm and $1,500/mo for “1,500 sq ft” with “a new designer high-end renovatio

new contract, old price at 160 Chambers

Oct. 30, 2007
Tagged with: chambers, contract, elevator, walkup
The Manhattan loft for sale at 160 Chambers Street is in contract, as is the one next door at 158 Chambers Street.

back story / 158 Chambers is On the Market in NYT

Aug. 25, 2007
Today's On The Market feature in the NY Times real estate section starts with another cool Manhattan loft: 158 Chambers Street #5, with some beautiful pix of this duplexed (mezzanine) lof... [Read More]

elevator coming to 160 Chambers / NY Times On The Market

Aug. 4, 2007
still a 1 + 1 with 3 flights of stairs Tomorrow’s On The Market feature in the NY Times real estate section profiles #3 at 160 Chambers Street, which I have twice mentioned in open house rev... [Read More]

Manhattan Loft Guy

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