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ch ch ch changes September 30, 2013

Sep. 30, 2013
Categorized in: change is a constant
Tagged with: change, realtalk, wordpress
This blog was born in March 2006, back in the Pleistocene Era of "social media" on the inter-tubes, with the creation of this free blog platform for real estate professionals and kind support of Internet Crusade. Two-thousand-plus posts later, the technol

memory lane: pioneer days in Tribeca, revisited

Jul. 6, 2013
In my July 6, 2012, watching Tribeca grow up: another loft neighborhood pioneer profiled, I picked up on a profile of a pediatrician who moved to Tribeca in 1983 and who opened her office there to treat kids in 1988. I love the firsthand we-were-there-bac

diversion about real estate (any discussion of Gentrification is tangentially about Manhattan loft neighborhoods)

Apr. 13, 2013
A perennial never-get-to on my Don’t Do list is a thought piece on how neighborhoods change, including my personal history as a residential pioneer in the then newly-minted Tribeca (truly TriBeCa in those days) in 1981. It is hard to write much about re

OYAToMLG downtown artist loses views of her muse, is sad but not angry

Mar. 23, 2013
A quick (last!) one from New Orleans, kinda sorta like a diversion, but certainly Manhattan real estate related. One Year Ago Today on Manhattan Loft Guy I posted about an artist featured in a New York Times City Room piece (March 23, 2012, longtime Seapo

indispensable source tracks commercial upgrades on Murray Street

Aug. 15, 2012
The go-to guy for hyper-local street level news in Tribeca, the intrepid Tribeca Citizen, this week has hit a few instances of the changing storefronts on Murray Street in southeast Tribeca. Good stuff, reflecting a slow shift away from the oh-so-gritty t

watching Tribeca grow up: another loft neighborhood pioneer profiled

Jul. 6, 2012
Yesterday’s daily news featured a long-time Tribeca resident and pediatrician who is closing her private practice after 24 years. She has literally seen her patients (and families) grow up in downtown neighborhoods that have had explosive population gro

bromancing the restaurateur: an homage to Danny Meyer

Jun. 30, 2012
I’ve been sitting on a “Living Around” feature about Madison Square and environs from the Sunday New York Times Real Estate section nearly two months, A Square Comes Full Circle, May 11 (!). Although I absolutely agree with the money quote that foll

NY Post goes into the way back machine: Flower District in 1979

Mar. 8, 2012
Wonderful piece in today’s New York Post real estate section about an artist / mystery writer and wife who moved into a Flower District loft in 1979 that had last been a furrier’s vault. The raw space then featured no heat or hot water and 2 “indust

Wall Street Journal flogs north Tribeca for no apparent reason

Dec. 3, 2011
Believe me, I get that one purpose of the media wing of the Manhattan Real Estate Industrial Complex is to create ‘news’ about little neighborhoods, in part to follow a narrative of up-and-coming. This Wall Street Journal piece from last week, Upscale

107 West 25 Street loft sells at $956/ft as old Flower District morphs into Chelsea

Oct. 31, 2011
Two things jumped out at me about the sale of the Manhattan loft #6D at 107 West 25 Street at $1.1mm on October 17: the first is how the geographic descriptions in the broker babble omit the history of The Incredibly Shrinking Flower District around the c

nothing stays the same, a/k/a the gentrification issue in Chelsea + Lower East Side

Sep. 1, 2011
Categorized in: change is a constant
Oh the serendipity of juxtaposition! If you looked at The Real Deal this morning (which is still in full spasm mode over the 100th edition celebrations) you’d have seen two items just 5 posts apart dealing with car service locations and future developme

time travel? a first person account of Early Loft Days in New York

Sep. 23, 2010
There is a fascinating first person account of someone who looks forward (kinda, sorta, perhaps) to being under the new loft law on a Brooklyn blog that Brownstoner linked to yesterday. In broad outline, the story is similar to what was happening at The

Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle for Manhattan Loft Neighborhoods / Tribeca loses Bazzini, gains Sarabeth’s

Sep. 22, 2010
Categorized in: change is a constant
The New York Observer noted yesterday that the long-awaited lease for Sarabeth’s has been signed, signaling the end of the Bazzini presence in Tribeca. If the story sounds familiar, that’s because the family that owns Bazzini said publicly at least a

can a "loft" in Manhattan change your way of thinking?

Aug. 23, 2010
Categorized in: change is a constant
I missed this last Thursday (I was on vacation), but there is a fascinating web-only New York Times piece in the Living Rooms section of the Opinionator blog, Our Buildings, Ourselves by Elizabeth Hawes. It is fascinating in its own right, as a meditation

Quote For The Day, 2000 edition

Mar. 12, 2010
Curbed started me down a path this morning, by linking to a small Dowtown Express item about the evolution of a clothing store, changig its name as it is beginning to serve older children. The thrust of the Curbed piece is that the "baby boom [in Tribeca]

ch ch ch changes ... the Guy moves to Corcoran in Soho

Jun. 4, 2009
Categorized in: change is a constant
Tagged with: cbhk, change, corcoran
I brought my license over to Corcoran's Soho office yesterday and started training today on a new listing system. I had a great run at Coldwell Banker Hunt Kennedy and will update this when (if?) there is publicly available information about CBHK that exp

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