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50 West 29 Street build-out loft sale not as simple as it looks

Sep. 27, 2013
The recent sale of the “1,400 sq ft “ Manhattan loft #13W at 50 West 29 Street looks pretty simple: to market on April 10 at $1.475mm, in contract by June 20, and sold on August 22 at $1.5mm. That first period seems a little long for a loft to sell ov

New York Times explains "how to land a loft"

Aug. 3, 2013
The headline feels like Manhattan Loft Guy bait, at least to me: the latest Michelle Higgins Sunday real estate piece in the Old Grey Lady is How To Land A Loft (in tomorrow’s physical paper, on-line now of course). The thesis is that in a tight Manhatt

endless possibilities cost $1,160/ft in quiet Noho, at 325 Lafayette

Apr. 17, 2012
Categorized in: loft neighborhoods / NoHo
Yesterday it was an artist’s loft of “3,300 sq ft” in the bottom of Soho that cleared for $742/ft (April 16, artist loft clears at $742/ft in south Soho, 307 West Broadway). Today it is the “2,000 sq ft” Manhattan loft on the 5th floor at 325 La

back to Soho, back to 1970, with stops in 1966 and 1963

Dec. 23, 2010
Categorized in: Loft neighborhoods / SoHo
Soho is, of course, the mother of all Manhattan loft neighborhoods because it was the first to scale up. But its development was different from later-developing loft neighborhoods all over New York City in several other important respects: it flew under t

real world impact of Soho artist-in-residence rules and Certificate of Occupancy enforcement, as the dialogue continues

Dec. 17, 2010
Categorized in: Loft neighborhoods / SoHo
Among other things, you will see not just some real world implications of problems that may ensue in Soho over the artist-in-residence rules, but actual real world examples of problems. I won’t offer any Manhattan Loft Guy analysis in this post, but wil

how are Soho artist-in-residence articles like the Richter Scale in California?

Nov. 30, 2010
Categorized in: Loft neighborhoods / SoHo
I’ve been continuing to consult and reflect about the conundrum reflected in the November 12 New York Times article Suddenly, SoHo Heeds Law Limiting Lofts to Artists and my quick-but-long post in response later that day, did the NY Times just write the

did the NY Times just write a front page obituary for the Soho real estate market?

Nov. 12, 2010
Categorized in: Loft neighborhoods / SoHo
[Be warned: this is going to be the longest Manhattan Loft Guy post ever!] I have long wondered about the Artist In Residency program and how it is applied or ignored, finding nearly universal agreement that it is much more ignored than applied. In fact,

price drop for raw Alpha-Land space at 430 E 10 St (bring caution)

Jul. 24, 2007
no C of O, no elevator, much space, fewer dollars The 4th floor at 430 East 10 Street is “3,600 sq ft” that is not only an “absolute rarity”, “unique”, and &ldq... [Read More]

Manhattan Loft Guy

New York, New York

Sandy Mattingly is Manhattan Loft Guy; now with The Corcoran Group (http://corcoran.com/ ; but see the disclaimer at the bottom of the page), he can be reached most easily at Sandy@ManhattanLoftGuy.com or 917.902.2491, and followed on Twitter @ManhattnLoftGuy (note "mis-spelling"). After 7+ years, the blog has moved. Links here on RealTown will work for the foreseeable future, but new posts (and all the old content) has migrated to ManhattanLoftGuy.com.


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