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masterpiece designed since 2009, 60 West 15 Street loft doubles in value

Sep. 18, 2013
Not every agent has the credibility in the business to be taken at face value when saying things like “Renovated to the nines” and “Come home to the extraordinary”, but the listing agent for the recently sold “3,133 sq ft” Manhattan loft on th

jaw-dropping views provoke jaw-dropping price for 261 Broadway loft

Sep. 3, 2013
Yes, the “1,140 sq ft” Manhattan loft #12B at 261 Broadway has the jaw-dropping views claimed in the broker babble (especially if you like to give traffic reports to friends interested in driving over the Brooklyn Bridge), but the fact that it just so

176 Broadway loft finally sells (at $556/ft!)

Aug. 1, 2013
I know of no downtown Manhattan loft building that The Market treats the way it does 176 Broadway. There remains a mystery (to me*) legacy that causes things like this to happen: the “1,906 sq ft” Manhattan loft #8D at 176 Broadway just sold for $1.06

memory lane: 3 for the price of 1, with chills and views

Jul. 11, 2013
In my July 11, 2011, victim of 2009 chill, 395 Broadway loft sells quickly at premium, I looked at a 2011 sale in relation to 2009, while in my July 11, 2009, 50 Warren Street closes, off 45% from original ask + 14% off 2005 price, I looked at one of the

5 years later, small loft at 261 Broadway sells (angels rejoice)

Apr. 19, 2013
One problem with doing daily blog posts about closed Manhattan loft sales is that one post can get eclipsed by another; what seems like an unusual specimen one day can diminish the next. If you remember that yesterday's post was about a loft that took the

OYAToMLG talking about gabby PR seeking agents and beautiful loft off Prince & Broadway

Mar. 21, 2013
Categorized in: Loft neighborhoods / SoHo
Another pure (actual day) One Year Ago on Manhattan Loft Guy post from N’Awlins.... A year ago today I was snarking about the Public Relations efforts of Some Real Estate Agents who are very good at PR and were successful at selling a lovely classic lof

712 Broadway loft sellers are the very model of modern motivated sellers (and unhappy flippers)

Feb. 21, 2013
Because it can be hard to track sales by units in the 2-building coop that includes 712 Broadway and 714 Broadway, there is no sales price associated with the StreetEasy listing for the “2,825 sq ft” Manhattan loft on the 3rd floor at 712 Broadway, bu

about that bidding war for (not THAT) well-dressed 395 Broadway loft

Feb. 15, 2013
There were broken hearts all over the highway when the bidding war for the “1,200 sq ft” Manhattan loft #14A at 395 Broadway came to an end on November 6, then jaws dropped when word got out soon thereafter that the winning bid was above $2mm. I shoul

elevator does not go to top floor at 258 Broadway, penthouse loft sells anyway (eventually, eventually)

Jan. 30, 2013
There are penthouses, and then there are penthouses. My understanding is that the term originally referred to a residential unit built on the roof, usually having direct (private) access to at least part of the roof, and usually added on rather than part

second floor loft empire at 66 Crosby Street increases at $946/ft

Jan. 24, 2013
Categorized in: Loft neighborhoods / SoHo
Remember that loft in the charming West Village that sold near $1,200/ft while needing a complete build-out? Of course you do: January 22, West Village loft that needs a total build-out sells at 59 Barrow Street for $1,190/ft. That one beat the total gut

market corrects an over-correction on price of quintessential Hohner loft at 475 Broadway

Jan. 16, 2013
Categorized in: Loft neighborhoods / SoHo
The November 20 sale of the “1,925 sq ft” Manhattan loft #4E at 475 Broadway (Hohner Building) shows up on the Master List of Manhattan Lofts Sold Since November 2008 as an above-ask sale because … well … because it sold above the asking price. Th

Wall Street Journal jumps gun on quarterly market report, flogs Soho loft sale you know about

Sep. 26, 2012
Categorized in: Market Data - reports
Regular readers of Manhattan Loft guy will suspect snark in that sub-head, but today, I got none. Josh Barbanel’s piece in today’s Journal, Manhattan Sales Continue to Climb, is brilliant journalism on two fronts. First, it scoops all the articles you

efficient market for primitive loft space at 395 Broadway

Sep. 15, 2012
395 Broadway is now, officially, a Manhattan Loft Guy favorite building. You will see (below) that I have hit finished and unfinished lofts here, lofts with views and light and lofts without, lofts that sold quickly, and (several) lofts that traded around

quintessential artist loft sells for $1,525/ft at 38 Crosby Street

Sep. 13, 2012
Categorized in: Loft neighborhoods / SoHo
A day after hitting an architect designed Greenwich Village loft that sold under $1,000/ft (September 12, “noted architect” will be disappointed that “incredible” 200 Mercer Street loft went for $939/ft), here is a “2,000 sq ft” Soho “quinte

how to make sense of 475 Broadway loft sale, at $1,280/ft or $1,608/ft??

Jun. 26, 2012
You don’t need to know how big a Manhattan loft is to put a sale in the context of sales in the same building (assuming same footprints, of course), but it is very difficult to do a broader comp analysis if you don’t know if the loft is really “1,99

playing with 475 Broadway loft comp that is up +58% over 2004

May. 23, 2012
Categorized in: Loft neighborhoods / SoHo
I’ve been having a running conversation with a very savvy client about values in Soho, including market trajectory currently and in recorded history. He is wondering about a classic Soho loft that was gut renovated 7 years ago that is now asking nearly

Collect Pond loft at 366 Broadway sells at $918/ft after missing The Peak

May. 17, 2012
There’s a mild puzzle in the recent sale of the “1,872 sq ft” Manhattan loft #3B at 366 Broadway (Collect Pond House) at $1.72mm, as it sounds like a beautiful loft that went for less than you’d think (well, than I’d think). But there is also a

loft without walls sells for $1,098/ft at 60 East 13 Street

May. 11, 2012
For a loft condominium conversion dating only to 2005, the “2,575 sq ft” Manhattan loft #5E at 60 East 13 Street has an old school look, at least insofar as the (very open) floor plan is concerned. Apart from the walk-in closet in the southwest corner

OYATOMLG / 714 Broadway loft sale provoked on size, bidding wars, Peak values

Apr. 4, 2012
Categorized in: loft neighborhoods / NoHo
It has been a while (yes, another Note To Self … reminder) since I have done any look-back posts, dipping into the Manhattan Loft Guy archives for posts that are one (OYATOMLG), two (TYATOMLG), or more years old (FYATOMLG?). My April 4, 2011, late biddi

real estate sales made easy: 88 Prince Street loft sells because (some say) it is correctly located

Mar. 21, 2012
Categorized in: Loft neighborhoods / SoHo
The February 16 sale of the “3,000 sq ft” loft #7C at 88 Prince Street (the oh-so-handsome the Little Singer Building) made the news yesterday because it had once been rented for 8 months a few years ago by one of the Fugees. Wait … that’s not qui

Manhattan Loft Guy

New York, New York

Sandy Mattingly is Manhattan Loft Guy; now with The Corcoran Group (http://corcoran.com/ ; but see the disclaimer at the bottom of the page), he can be reached most easily at Sandy@ManhattanLoftGuy.com or 917.902.2491, and followed on Twitter @ManhattnLoftGuy (note "mis-spelling"). After 7+ years, the blog has moved. Links here on RealTown will work for the foreseeable future, but new posts (and all the old content) has migrated to ManhattanLoftGuy.com.


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