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No Blogger Left Behind is a Webinar-based blog coaching program for real estate agents. This blog supports the coaching program and other real estate bloggers.

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Launching 9,789-Mile e-PRO® Tour; Google Maps Tips Parade

 I am commencing a virtual cross-country e-PRO Workshop Tour April 19.


Register here

I will cover 9,789 miles that day, starting at home in Tucson, AZ. I will focus on 10 cities that day:

  1. Port Charlotte, FL
  2. Jackson, MS
  3. Savannah, GA
  4. Albany, NY
  5. Rochester, NY
  6. Boston, MA
  7. Portland, ME
  8. Cleveland, OH
  9. Indianapolis, IN
  10. Spokane, WA

e-PRO®, the National Assn. of Realtor Internet Certification program, now features a new course: "NAR Web 2.0 and Social Media."

Attend an online e-PRO® Workshop with Certified e-PRO® Trainer Frances Flynn Thorsen and learn about course offerings:

*  Web 2.0 Concepts, Principles, and Core Characteristics 
*  Technology Building Blocks 
*  Social Media Applications and Uses 
*  Integrating Web 2.0 Concepts into your Real Estate Business

Register here

Earn a $25 discount on e-PRO® registration


Google Maps Tips Parade

Starting tomorrow, I will post daily tips about Google Maps. The Google Maps Tips Parade will start in Port Charlotte, FL. If you have questions about Google Maps, post them in the comments section and I will be sure to cover them when the Parade gets underway.

Posted: 11:24 AM, Mar. 27, 2010
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Social Media Business Planning

Real estate agents can build a social media presence with a business plan that blocks an hour a day for consumer connection and engagement. Here's an easy plan to follow after you set up a profile page at Facebook and Trulia.

Here is my Trulia page:


My Facebook profile:


My Facebook Fan Pages:




Posted: 9:26 AM, Jul. 2, 2009
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Real Estate Social Media FSBO and EXPIRED Training

Leverage new social media tools to capture saleable listings and build relationships with new age consumers! Learn about dollar-productive ways to use social media in your real estate practice from one of the nation's leading journalists and social media mavens, Frances Flynn Thorsen.

"What you hear, you forget; what you see, you remember; what you do, you understand." - T. Harv Eker, Secrets of the Millionaire Mind.

Capture the FSBO and EXPIRED market with new social media tools in a first-time ever online listing extravaganza!

Real Estate Social Media Summer Blowout!
Webinar: Tips for Trulia Success (Jul 23 11 am EST) FREE FREE FREE
Webinar: Social Media Culture Shock (July 30, 11 am EST) X   X
Webinar: Create A Social Media
Business Plan (Aug 12, 11 am EST)
X   X
Webinar: LinkedIn Fundamentals (Aug 21, 11 am EST) X   X
Webinar: Why You Want to Heart Zillow (Aug 27, 11 am EST) FREE   FREE
Weekly Engagement Exercises X   X
Webinar: Business Plan Check-In (Sep 3, 11 am EST) X   X
Webinar: Facebook Soup to Nuts
and Strategy for Success (Sep 9, 11 am EST)
X   X
Webinar: Taking Facebook to the Next Level-
Fan Pages, Events, Ads (Sep 16, 11 am EST)
X   X
Webinar: Develop a Blog Business Plan (Sep 24, 11 am EST) X   X
Webinar: Law of Attraction Blogging (Oct 1, 11 am EST) X   X
Twitter for Dollars and Sense (Oct 8, 11 am EST) X   X
Webinar: Socializing Your Listings (Oct, 14, 11 am EST) X   X
Webinar: Automating Expired
and FSBO Prospecting (Jul 31, Aug 10. and Aug 14 11am EST)

Webinar: Goal Setting - Expired
and FSBO Listings (Aug 17, 11 am EST)

  X X

4 Weekly Webinars: Social Media Tips
to Attract FSBOs and Expireds (Aug 29, Sep 4, 11, 18)

  X X
Daily, 20-minute Webinars each weekday morning for SIX WEEKS! (Video available next day for members only) (Aug 18 - Sept 25, 10 am EST)   X X
Add choice of 3 Social Media Webinars above   X X
Unlimited e-mail support   X X
Weekly blocks of time for telephone support     X
COST $200 $200 $280

 You will receive Webinar information one week prior to the program. There will be a single link and choice between listening at the computer or via telephone connection. All Webinars and handouts will be posted online for members only and downloadable to member's own computer. There is a new web site to serve this program that will have a members-only corner ... web site will be launched by July 8, 2009.


You Will Receive Support!

  • A day-by-day plan with new tools and ways to use those tools for dollar-productive results!
  • You will be part of an interactive group with a personal Succeess Partner!
  • GOLD members will have unlimited e-mail support from your coach.


BRONZE: $200

SILVER: $200

GOLD: $280

Posted: 11:22 AM, Jun. 2, 2009
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Testimonial from No Blogger Left Behind Alumna Yvonne Coelet


The next eight-week series of No Blogger Left Behind Webinars starts August 29, 2008.

Posted: 7:08 PM, Aug. 26, 2008
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