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Real Estate Apps and Mobile Phone Marketing Tips

Smart Phone Statistics, QR Codes and Why You Need a Real Estate App


San Diego, CA

April 13, 2012

Real Estate Apps, Mobile Friendly Real Estate Websites
& Consumer Statistics Using Smart Phones for Buying
Florida Keys App Android and iPhone QR Codes

Mobile Smart Phone Technology and "Apps" Changing the
Real Estate Industry and Marketing Strategies

Last night I sat through another conference call regarding "cell phone" technology aka "Smart Phones" and was again struck by the overwhelming statistical data of how fast consumers are using them to make purchases including real estate.

Currently there are 300 million iPhone users and over 500 million Android users on the planet and the number of users is growing exponentially.

Google said last November that over 65% of local searches in Google were coming from mobile devices. When most real estate agents and brokers were finally starting to get a grip on the Internet and websites all of the sudden "mobile friendly real estate websites" and "real estate apps" are the new terms for getting in front of tech savvy buyers and sellers.

As time goes by the number of Smart Phone users will increase and so too will the way real estate agents market themselves. "Real Estate Apps" are important becoming more important because 1. Users prefer using an app to perform a function more than a website and 2. once someone downloads an app with an MLS feed there is no reason to go anywhere also since all the listing data is now accessible in the app.

Since "Smart Phones" are very much like mini computers knowing that potential clients and consumers have them with them at all times makes it the ideal way to stay in touch with current and future clients.

What Does a Real Estate App Do and How Does It Work?

When a "real estate app" is created the primary thing it does
it deliver and MLS search and the agents featured listings but
a good app will also include local information and resources.

An "app" is uploaded onto a mobile phone from the iTunes Store
or Android Store and most real estate apps are free so consumers
do not have to pay to get them. Once uploaded the client only needs
to open the app icon to get a host of information including area
listings, restaurants, schools, things to do, upcoming events etc.

The main thing is once an app is uploaded and the client can access
the real estate listings via the app there is no need to go back online
to any other real estate websites. You have successfully captured the potential client and now will be a resource for them to shop for a new home.

How Popular Are Smart Phones and Apps? -

Check Out These Statistics

67% of consumers will use their smart phones to find store locations,
59% to compare prices, 51% to obtain product information, 46% to
check product availability, 45% to read reviews, 45% to shop online,
41% to find and use coupons, 40% to scan bar codes, and 35% to
access social media (Source: Deloitte's 2011 Annual Holiday Survey)

More Statistics and Why Real Estate Agents
Need QR Codes in Their Advertising
, Mobile
Friendly Websites AND A Real Estate App


With Smart Phones transforming the consumer landscape it
is important for real estate agents, brokers and mortgage
lenders to start looking at mobile friendly website technology
and "real estate iPhone and Android apps" to engage visitors
with their Smart Phones.

If you are looking at getting a real estate app or real estate mobile websites and technology the page below has more information on real estate app costs, features and marketing information Real Estate Apps for iPhones and Androids and
Mobile Real Estate Websites click here

Best wishes to your success!

Sean Callahan

Real Estate Apps - Real Estate Marketing Tools in 2012

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