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How 2 Agents Sold Over 20 Million in Sales in 2011


San Diego, CA

February 06, 2012

Florida Key Real Estate Agents Have Second Best Year
Ever Using Technology and the Internet to Their Advantage

It is no secret that the real estate industry has been tough
for some, yet great for others and with many economic factors
in play it is fair to say that overall real estate is a challenging
field to be in right now.

Last week I got a call from Fred and Donna Mullins who are
two agents I have been working with since 2005 and they were
very excited and happy to say that they had their second best
year ever and did over 20 million in sales. ( I think it was 22 million
but the main thing is they had a good year.)

It was great to hear these two real estate agents in Key West
expressing their happiness since they had worked so hard to
make it happen.


That is a good question and as I look around I look at a step
by step approach that over time has grown into a one hundred
story building - but like any good building it starts with a strong

1. A Lead Capture Based Website

- I got Fred and Donna set up with an Agent Advantage website
with Homes.com / Dominion Enterprises and formatted the
site to do a good job capturing leads. Last month Dominion
tweaked me hard when they "discontinued" the Agent Advantage
for something called "Homes Connect" which "in my opinion
is an add on product and a miserable failure for the meat and potatoes website product they had but I am going to skip that and say that THE #1 HARDEST THING TO DO RIGHT NOW IN THE REAL ESTATE INDUSTRY IS FIND A GOOD LEAD CAPTURE WEBSITE.

If I am an Internet marketing person with 12 years experience and
I find it a challenge to find a good real estate website vendor then I know what the agents are dealing with and the majority of choices in my opinion are poor. Here is Fred and Donna's site
www.lowerkeys-homes.com -

Most websites are designed by graphic designers and although
the look good they are poor at converting traffic and capturing leads.

There are still a couple sites that have some great potential and mainly those are IDX vendors who provide the Home Search links and you take them and put them into a custom Wordpress site. These sites normally run about $500 but are NOW MOBILE PHONE FRIENDLY which is super important and the next big thing which will seperate the playing field for selling real estate in 2012. (more on that later)

2. They set up Social Media Accounts including YouTube.com
and a Local City Blog www.floridakeyshomesblog.com and started
getting a lot of local community traffic coming in to feature listings around.

Setting up local blogs and especially shooting video on YouTube.com is huge and THESE PEOPLE Took Action and Did Something!

Donna has 55 videos up on YouTube.com and over 15,000 views
that will more than double in the next year -

They have featured local restaurants on their YouTube.com
page and forged more friendly business relationships in the

3. They Added a Super Powerful SEO TOOL to Their Arsenal

Long tailed keywords account for over 80% of real estate searches
yet most sites miss those. A SEO technology provided by a host
of vendors allows real estate agents to build pages and go after
long tailed keyword phrases. The long tail keyword technology
works great when you add it on to an existing website or build
it new and then index the links in blogs and through social
media and other online platforms. Some of the companies
that offer long tailed keyword technology include Diverse Solutions,
Wolfnet and Dynamic Page Solutions. (although there are more out
there these I am familiar with)

4. They TOOK ACTION AND Went Out and Made Things Happen

The Mullins are go-getter's and very hard working and the main
reason that they had a great year is that they put in a good foundation and grew it out over time and included community information as something they feature on their sites. Right now I am building them their own custom iPhone app and soon they will have QR codes all over their site and advertising.


When it comes to being successful in real estate you must be able to
embrace technology and get it to work for you. Technology is moving fast and having a lead capture website product to go along with a custom mobile phone app for your business will be some of the biggest technology separators in 2012.

Custom iPhone apps start at around $400 and immediately
put you in touch with over 70% of consumers who use "Smart Phones". This number keeps getting higher -

If you are looking for ways to increase your business in 2012 and
want a review of your website please feel free to send me an email
at getinfo@san.rr.com

Best wishes to your success!

Sean Callahan
(858) 731-7278 direct

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