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New Google Plus Social Media Network A Great Place to Get Free Traffic and Web Page


San Diego, CA

November 21, 2011

New Google Plus Social Network Rivals Facebook and
Provides a Great Place for Getting FREE Website Traffic

I love Google and the new things they come up with an also
the free tools and resources they provide to end users like myself.

It is no wonder then that I am very happy with the new social media
platform Google has launched called Google Plus

The system is very user friendly and much easier to navigate than Facebook and since it is a Google product you know it have value from an SEO perspective.

There are a ton of place to post and use for social media but Google is one spot that needs to be on the top of the list if you are serious about STAYING IN BUSINESS in the next 5 years. The internet is changing the playing field for real estate and agents looking for ways to boost their sales should set up free Facebook Fan Pages and also free Google Plus Fan Pages.

These pages can get ranked in Google faster and higher than most real estate websites and when you drop your real estate search links on them they are fully functional as websites. Regardless of whether you use social media or not your clients do so go where the business is and get in front of more buyers and
sellers and at least appear to be hip and not a complete dinosaur.

Using these free social media resources on Google and Facebook can help bring in some good traffic and also boost the rankings of your existing websites so it is worth your time to set up and work on.

If you are busy and don't want to mess with it I can set up a Facebook Fan Page for $197.00 as a one time set up fee.

Don't forget that when set up a Facebook Fan Page it is important to make sure that you set up the Fan Page as the default landing page and not the wall.

If you make the new Facebook Fan Page the default landing page then you will be able to get "Likes" and build a mailing list and convert more traffic into leads.

Best wishes to your success!

(858) 731-7278 cell


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