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Google SEO and Marketing Tips

Claim Your Free Traffic Producing Google Website Here!


San Diego, CA

July 05, 2011

Google Sets Up 49,840,000 Free Traffic Producing Websites And Places Them in the Top of Their Search Results - Only 7% Claimed by Businesses

For anyone who has followed my blogs and posts for a while and know that I love attention
grabbing headlines and this Google one hit me after reading an article last week that said
that ONLY 7% of business owners have claimed their free business website listing and
customized it with their business details. (This includes real estate agents and brokers who
have the ability to claim their free site aleeady getting traffic)

Google knew that local searches for businesses, brokers, real estate agents would take over
from the Yellow Page searches and that they needed to have a complete list of businesses in
their search results. They also knew that most people would not take the time to set up their
own site and listing page so they did it for all businesses.

Currently if you search for a real estate agent, broker or a host of other local real estate
you will find that Googlebrings these Google Places pages up infront of organic
search. That is huge is you consider many real estate companies spend thousands of dollars
optimizing websites when using a FREE GOOGLE PLACES WEBSITE would rank above
it and is much cheaper to optimize.

How To Claim Your Free Website

If you are an existing business or real estate broker and you want to claim your free website then go to Google and do a local search for your business. Once you find it their will be a section that says "claim your business".

Once you claim your business go in and add pictures and fill it out as much as possible. I have done this hundreds of times and the more info you add the better. Also set up a FREE listing at YellowPages.com and Superpages.com since these places will help your Google Places website rank better.

Traffic and Homes Sales Benefits

There are a ton of benefits for using and having a free Google Places website listing and since Google places these on the top of the search results it gets good exposure plus links that go to your website from a Google webpage have high value and merit from an SEO perspective.

Here are the benefits Google states about their free website listings

Get found on Google for free

97% of consumers search for local businesses online. Be there when they're looking for you with Google Places for business - a free local platform from Google.

Help your business stand out

Add photos, videos, and offers to show customers why they'll want to choose you. Highlight special promotions, post live updates, and respond to reviews from your Places for business account.

Discover insights about your business

Learn more about your customers: What keywords they're searching for and where they're coming from. Armed with this knowledge, you can make better business decisions.

These free website provide full traffic reports and log in details about where your clients are coming from. Also since 60% of searches are from mobile devices this is a huge resource for being found on a mobile phone.

Learn more on claiming your free Google Places busines website listing or setting up a free Google Places website below

If you want help setting up a Google Places website listing and getting a first page ranking you can call or email me for more information. Some agents like to do it themselves and others would rather have someone else do it for them - either way all the info you need is here on this link.

This is a super valuable resource on the most powerful search engine on the planet and if you are serious about staying in business or building your business you will take the time
to put this in place.

Best wishes to your success!

Sean Callahan


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