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Google SEO and Marketing Tips

New Google SEO Video | Google Employees Talk About Google SEO for Websites


San Diego, CA

March 16, 2011

Google SEO Video Provides Great Advice and
Common Sense Information for Optimizing Your Website

Here is a GREAT video provided by Google on "GOOGLE SEO".

Who knows more about optimizing a website in Google than Google right? This video has some great tips, advice, website examples and information on running blogs and avoid getting your website hacked. * A real estate website review starts at the 23:00 mark.

Google SEO video

* The BEST free tips come also from telling business owners that Google Map listings and Google Places listings can get a ton of free and low cost traffic for setting it up one time!

Here you go! - If you need help getting real estate leads, fixing up your real estate website, blog, setting up Google Places listings or you want a free website and Internet marketing review call me
at 858-731-7278.

Best wishes to your success!

Sean Callahan
858-731-7278 direct

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