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The Cheapest Google Traffic Ever!


San Diego, CA

February 11, 2011

Cheap Google Traffic = Cheap Real Estate Leads

The cheapest real estate traffic I have seen in Google in 10 years and sometime ever is coming from areas I would have never guessed and it is creating an interesting question which is WHY?

Does anyone remember "GoTO", which was the original pay per click platform and then Overture.com, Yahoo Search, Google Adwords etc...basically the pay per click traffic it has seen a ton of changes, but the price in many cases is as low as it has been since when it started.

Okay here are some of the numbers I have seen this week which has floored me - Some of these prices are the cheapest I have seen in 10 years - very crazy since you would think that the prices for targeted real estate traffic would be more expensive than cheaper.

Targeted real estate traffic keywords
(pay per click costs) from:

Atlanta GA 0.27 cents per visitor = $3.00 per lead
Naples FL 0.28 cents per visitor = $3.00 per lead
Austin TX 0.57 cents per visitor = $6.00 per lead

Basically there are way more people searching for real estate than there are agents to capture the traffic and thus the price of sending targeted traffic from GOOGLE to a real estate website is getting CHEAPER!

Pretty crazy when you think that the average cost per visitor in Naples and Atlanta was about 0.85+ cents per visitor about 3 years ago.

What does this mean?

This means that the average cost per real estate lead in many of these markets is less than $4 per lead and you can get 40 leads for under $200, which is normally the number needed to sell a home. Not a bad return on the investment.

Basically if you need business there is plenty on the Internet and if you can start sending targeted real estate traffic to your real estate website then it is easy to sell a home a month.

Cheap GOOGLE SEO - Pay Per Click?
Pay per click is a way to get instant traffic from Google for any keywords related to your product or service. Real "organic" SEO or Search Engine Optimization can be expensive and normally takes 4-6 months to take effect so pay per click traffic is a fast and quick way to get leads and sales coming in while other options are considered or implemented.

If you need help generating real estate leads or business from the Internet contact me and I can help you get going with a system that can generate 30-300+ leads per month.

Best wishes to your success!

Sean Callahan
(858) 731-7278

Houston, TX

March 12, 2011

Oh my gosh Sean, you are dating yourself! GoTo? Man! That was a long time ago. That's where I cut my teeth on PPC.


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