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How to Set Up Keywords / Meta-Tags and Descriptions for Google


San Diego, CA

October 09, 2009

How to Format Keywords, Title Lines and Meta-Tags for Google SEO

When it comes to formatting a real estate website one of the most common mistakes I see is how people set up their title lines, keywords and keyword descriptions areas.

First off let me just explain that "keywords" and "meta-tags" are the same thing, just with two different names. This often leads to a little confusion.

Keywords / Meta-tags

There are three things to go with setting up keywords.

1. Assigning the keywords you want to use for your home page
2. Creating a "description" for your keywords
3. Setting up the Title Lines in your website for your keywords

When setting up keywords make sure you do not overload that section with more than 4 keyword phrases max.

Normally when working with websites I can see as many as 20 keyword phrases stuffed in the back end of a real estate website and that is not good for getting search engine rankings.

Keywords should be relevant keyword phrases like
"home for sale in pacific beach" "pacific beach real estate for sale" and not homes, houses, condos, real estate, realtor, real estate agent etc.....

Never use keywords if you do not have the words mentioned and used on your home page.

Many times I will see "mission beach homes" "pacific beach homes" ocean beach homes" etc......but the Mission Beach, Pacific Beach, Ocean Beach words are not even mentioned on the home page.

That is why I do not like websites where the home search feature is presented as just a button that says "home search".

If you do not bring the home search feature into your home page abd break it down with some descriptive text then you are not converting the amount of visitors you need to and also not getting any useful content on the home page to back up the keywords you have in the back end.

If you service a ton of areas then you are best off to create a web page and/or landing page on your website for each area - it helps your site rank better overall if you can add more content on it anyway.

As an example let's say that Pacific Beach is the main market - use some keywords for Pacific Beach on the home page and / or create keywords for the home page like "san diego beach real estate" or "san diego coastal real estate" since Pacific Beach is a section of San Diego.

Then you would want to create a seperate page for Mission Beach, Pacific Beach, Ocean Beach, La Jolla etc...and use keywords relavent for each area on those new pages.

Just about every real estate website company allows you to add additional pages at no xtra charge and the more content you have on the website the better your chances of getting good organic search engine placement.

The Description Section

The "Description" area of the website - which normally sits right below where you add the keywords should be 1-2 sentences which include the keywords you just added in the meta-tag / keyword section.

If my keyword phrases are "homes for sale in pacific beach" and "pacific beach ca oceanfront condos" then the description should be something like "Find Pacific Beach homes and oceanfront condos for sale on and by the beach"

The key is that the one to two sentence description should include the keywords you are using.

The biggest tip is to then add the description on the home page of the website towards the top of the landing page.

Title Lines

It is also important thattle lines include the keywords you added in the keyword / metatag section website.

One common thing I see if real estate agents stuffing their name in the title line section and that is a mistake since coming up in Google under your name is easy and does not require you to use a title line for that purpose.

Title lines should contain 2 keywords phrases seperated by acomma or | character. In general title lines should not exceed 80 characters in length.

If you can coordinate your keywords / meta-tags with verbage on the website, a good description and title line you can start getting free treaffic from Google.

One tip for doing this is to use long keyword strings like "home for sale in Pacific Beach Ca" or "Pacific Beach Ca real estate listings for sale"

These "long tail" keywords are much easier to rank under than keywords like "Pacific Beach real estate" which normally have much more competition and require more work, backlinks etc to get ranked.

By formatting your real estate website correctly and providing search engines the information they are looking for you can deliver more relevant search results to the end user and thus get much better rankings in Google and Yahoo.

I have been able to get my www.realestatemarketingnerds.com wesbite to rank on the first page of Google out of 100 million websites for "real estate marketing company" by using this same formula and even though I am just a one man band I can compete with much larger companies the same way that agents need to in todays real estate market

If you need help or have questions you can email me at getinfo@san.rr.com
or call me at 858-731-7278

Best wishes to your success!

Sean Callahan

Queensbury, NY

October 10, 2009

This was extremely helpful. This has been the biggest mystery so far in setting up my website. I have some great content but couldn't figure out how to get people to come see it. Thank you sooooo much!

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