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Point 2 website

Licensed Real Estate Agent

Tremonton, UT

March 20, 2011

Does anyone here know how to alter the Point 2 website so that my listings do not always get shared with the pay for service websites? For instance, when I post my listings on the portal they automatically (unless I uncheck) go on UltraForeclosures.com and Foreclosures.com where visitors must pay to register to see MY listings. Or Military FSBO-this area is not military so what is the use of that. Homegain sends visitors to ziprealty. REO605 specifically for area code 605 (not in Utah). HotPads consistently assigns the wrong zipcode to the listings that port over there, so visitors get school and demographic info for other counties (not here).

Surely someone out there has had the same issues. Any suggestions?


San Diego, CA

March 21, 2011

Hi Kathy,

You can definitely choose to not syndicate to certain Syndication Partners through Point2. This is done on a per listing basis.

After you enter in your listing, you get the Syndication Partner list. Simply select which Partners you don't want to advertise on, and the listing information will not be sent to those Partners.

There currently is no way to deselect a Syndication Partner for all listings, which gives you the option to vary your advertising per listing.


Licensed Real Estate Agent

Tremonton, UT

March 22, 2011

Yes I certainly know that one must uncheck all of the syndication partners I do not wish to supply listings to. Thus the comment to change to opt-in rather than opt-out. It is very time consuming to uncheck all of the ones I do not wish to post to. Do you know what Kasork actually is??? Well my sellers and I do not wish to participate. I am further disturbed by the websites that sell my listings to visitors as well as those that funnel my listings off to other competitors with barely a mention of me in the listing..HomeGain for instance is branding Ziprealty all over the place. While I know I can uncheck those, what a pain when it would be easier for me (Your Client) to select those I wish to port to. P2 should certainly want to take care of their initial bread and butter rather than relying on the tactics of their back end cash flow.

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