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Live In Los Gatos

Halloween Events In and Near Los Gatos in 2009

Oct. 27, 2009
Categorized in: Los Gatos Events
Halloween 2009 Events in and Near Los Gatos

Not So "Live in Los Gatos":
New Blog on Haunted Real Estate

Jul. 11, 2007
Categorized in: Haunted Los Gatos
Tagged with: blog, ghost, haunted, los gatos
Meanwhile, I will continue to occassionally add posts here on haunted spots in beautiful Los Gatos. Visit the blog and click on the category for "Haunted Los Gatos" and you'll see the stor... [Read More]

Dining Review of Trevese Restaurant in Los Gatos

Jun. 4, 2007
Categorized in: Great Places in Los Gatos
In April, this blog featured an entry about a newcomer to the Los Gatos restaurant scene, Trevese. The building has the dubious honor of being one of the most notoriously haunted places in town, so... [Read More]

What About Los Gatos' Forbes Mill?

Jun. 1, 2007
Categorized in: Great Places in Los Gatos
Tagged with: forbes mill, haunted, history, museum
Forbes Mill. Truthfully, it just sounds boring. Doesn't it? But actually the place has got an interesting bit of history to it. A little intrigue. A little scandal. And our town was once (brie... [Read More]

Live In Los Gatos

Los Gatos, California

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