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Do you know the Edelen District of Los Gatos?

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Snippet from the original article:  

One of the oldest residential neighborhoods in Los Gatos is the Edelen District. Originally a vineyard just north of the town's school (where Old Town stands today), it runs alongside the Los Gatos Creek to University Avenue or North Santa Cruz. Streets include University Avenue (south of Highway 9), Miles, Miller, and Edelen Avenues. (For more information on the location, please visit the town of Los Gatos' statement on the Edelen District,ordinance 2168 on the University/Edelen District.).

130 Edelen Avenue, Los Gatos, has been the setting for several films.









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RE: Do you know the Edelen District of Los Gatos?

Posted by: David Middleton Edelen II
Date: Sep. 29, 2010


Where is Los Gatos? I just saw this page about that section of Los Gatos and I was just curious. I grew up in Alabama but my dad and all before him grew up in Maryland where the Edelen immigrant first settled.


David Middleton Edelen II


RE: Do you know the Edelen District of Los Gatos?

Posted by: Mike
Date: Oct. 3, 2012

Los Gatos is just southwest of San Jose, California.


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