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A Place for Strolling in Los Gatos:
Historic Almond Grove District in Los Gatos

Home on Tait Avenue, built appx 1890.The Almond Grove District is one of the oldest residential neighborhoods in Los Gatos and close to (if not in) downtown Los Gatos. It is also one of the most scenic & convenient places in town.

The subdivision was created in 1887 by town fathers John Bean, Alphonse Wilder, Augustine Nicholson, Fen Massol and Captain Magnus Tait. The borders were from Bean Avenue to Saratoga-Los Gatos Road and North Santa Cruz and Glen Ridge Avenue. (Streets in this district include Beat Ave., Wilder Ave., Nicholson Ave., Massol Ave. and Tait Ave.)

Almond Grove home with Royal Palms, Los Gatos, CAWhat is really amazing about this neighborhood is the way it was originally sold, the incredibly enthusiastic response it had right from the very beginning. In September of that year, 1887, an orchardist named Harvey Wilcox had a land auction of the subdivision.  He sold 121 out of 170 lots for sale - all in one day!! 

(That same orchardist also sold the Jesuits 40 acres that would become the Novitiate up on the hill.) 

The Town of Los Gatos has a wonderful bunch of history which details the place names as well as other Almond Grove neighborhood historical info in the five page document with the uninspiring name of Ordinance 2165 (who were Bean, Tait, Wilder, Nicholson?)

The popularity of the Almond Grove District continues to this day, more than a century later.
Almond Grove Home in Los GatosToday the area is known for being very, very highly decorated at Halloween and Christmas. In fact, on October 31st, many children are brought in from other areas to "Trick or Treat" in this historical area with tons of (spooky) ambiance on Halloween.

Almendra is a street whose name in Spanish means "almond" and this road was the home of many mayors and important personages in Los Gatos history. It also boasts (which was recently home to a law office and is currently a pending sale, listed just a bit under 1.5 mil) that was built in 1895.

What folks love about the Almond Grove neighborhood is that it's "walk to town" (or "close to town"), it's full of old-style charm (in a valley full to the brim with tract housing), there are wide, tree-lined streets, and of course great Los Gatos schools. But even more, it seems that the Almond Grove district exudes an immense pride in keeping the flavor of the area alive. And there seems to be a lot of community spirit too. There's no other neighborhood like this one for holiday decorating.

Almond Grove homeAre there challenges living in the Almond Grove area? Sure. Parking can be a problem - many of these homes were built before garages were a consideration!  Older construction can impact remodeling (historical preservation rules) too.

Being able to stroll to world-class restaurants, enjoy fantastic shopping or stop in at a spa for the royal treatment just blocks away is a huge plus. Living in a neighborhood full of character and history, and getting neighbors who all care about taking care of their homes is a big plus too.

I'd live there in a heartbeat.

Where is the Almond Grove District of Los Gatos?

Located close to Los Gatos-Saratoga Road and North Santa Cruz Avenue, the Almond Grove neighborhood is so "close to town" that it really does qualify as being "in downtown" itself. Below please find a map of the area - boundaried are a bit general on the south and west sides.

View Almond Grove District - Los Gatos in a larger map

Almond Grove Neighborhood Homes for Sale

Want to find a fabulous home to buy in or near the Almond Grove area? Below please browse listings of houses, townhouses, condominiums and more in the historic downtown area of Los Gatos. Search by map - no registration! (Some nearby areas show too, so not all homes shown on the map are in the Almond Grove per se. Please reference neighborhood map above too.)

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re: Historic Almond Grove District in Los Gatos

Posted by: Maureen McCabe
Date: May. 25, 2007
IT looks like a wonderful neighborhood, Mary. I'd love to stroll the streets.  

re: A Place for Strolling:<Br>Historic Almond Grove District in Los Gatos

Posted by: lynda eisenmann
Date: May. 27, 2007

Hi Mary,

What a wonderful area, so very charming. Next time I'm up your way I'll need to take the time to see this special area.

Lynda Eisenmann, and fellow rainer

re: A Place for Strolling:<Br>Historic Almond Grove District in Los Gatos

Posted by: Mary Pope-Handy
Date: May. 27, 2007
Maureen and Lynda - thanks for the nice comments. Yes, it is indeed a very, very charming area! It is especially great to see in October (gussied up for Halloween) and in December for Christmas and all the holidays. One family has about a 20' reindeer (made of wood? I'm not sure) and covered in lights in the front yard. It is just amazing.

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