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Los Gatos neighborhoods

Heritage Grove sign in east Los Gatos - a Summerhill development completed in 2001 with 44 homes The Town of Los Gatos is about 10 square miles and is comprised of dozens of neighborhoods in various parts of town, with different schools, zip codes, price points, plusses and minuses.  Here on the Live in Los Gatos blog there have been many, many articles devoted to residential areas of town.  Below please find links to neighborhood descriptions, primarily on "Live in Los Gatos" but in some cases on one of my other sites.
(More neighborhoods to come as time permits - I have about 25 on my list.  Want your subdivision included? Please email me and I will put it on the To Do list!)

 The Live in Los Gatos Blog moved awhile back and these Los Gatos neighborhood links will take you to articles on the new site, LiveInLosGatosBlog.com.

Downtown or Central Los Gatos neighborhoods (many historic areas):

North Los Gatos / Lark Avenue area

East Los Gatos neighborhoods

West Los Gatos neighborhoods


Posts relating to Los Gatos neighborhoods:

East Los Gatos, West Los Gatos (what's where?)

Where are the high voltage power lines in Los Gatos?


On the new home to Live in Los Gatos, I'm also adding neighborhood videos as I am driven through town.  They aren't professional grade, but they will give a good sense to newcomers of what various neighborhoods are like.  You can see them on my YouTube channel too.  Or watch the Los Gatos neighborhood videos here:


The Valley of Heart's Delight - Silicon Valley real estate blogs covering San Jose, Los Gatos, Campbell, Saratoga and nearby, by Mary Pope-Handy, Realtor and Santa Clara Valley native


Looking for great Silicon Valley real estate education?  Please visit all of Mary Pope-Handy's blogs!


Blogs & sites

popehandy.com - all of Silicon Valley,  emphasis on home selling. Great community descriptions across Santa Clara, San Mateo, and Santa Cruz Counties plus
Los Gatos real estate as a special focus

  ValleyOfHeartsDelight.com - primarily Santa Clara County real estate.  See Mary's listings here.

SanJoseRealEstateLosGatosHomes.com - focus on Los Gatos, Saratoga, Monte Sereno, Campbell, Cambrian, Almaen & Willow Glen, but covering most of Santa Clara County

LiveInLosGatosBlog.com - a blog about Los Gatos real estate, homes, neighborhoods and also community events, businesses, restaurants, parks, lifestyle and more

move2SiliconValley.com - a Silicon Valley relocation resource

  BelwoodOfLosGatos.com - a blog focussed on the east Los Gatos subdivisions of Belwood of Los Gatos, Belgatos, Surmont, and neaby areas

Statistics for Santa Clara County, San Mateo County, Santa Cruz County

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Vista del Monte neighborhood

 Located just off of Kennedy Road and next to Worcester Park, the pretty Vista del Monte neighborhood is highly sought after for many reasons: it is "close to town", the area enjoys the well regarded Los Gatos schools, scenic beauty and tree lined streets, and of course the 11 acre neighorhood park.

Recently I did a bit of research on this area and took some video footage of it while being driven through the neighborhood.  Please visit the new home of the Live in Los Gatos blog to watch the film, browse homes for sale and to get more information on this nice pocket in east Los Gatos.


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Almond Grove Neighborhood Street Reconstruction Project Meeting

Roadwork needed in the Almond Grove neighborhood of Los GatosThe streets in the scenic and historic Almond Grove District are looking and feeling a bit historic themselves, and it's been in the works for awhile to do road repairs there. 

A public meeting sponsored by the town's Parks and Public Works department will be held in the Los Gatos Town Council Chambers on May 20, 2014 at 6:30 pm to discuss the project design and schedules and to obtain input from residents.

 Please have a look at the town's website for all of the details:



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Los Gatos sidewalks: some unfinished business

Date: Jan. 30, 2014
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Like many places in Silicon Valley, Los Gatos has its share of work needed on roads and sidewalks.  But sometimes, the work in progress seems to stop at an odd juncture.  The photo below is a site you'll find on Belgatos Road in east Los Gatos (in the Belwood of Los Gatos neighborhood) Please continue reading on the new home of Live in Los Gatos  

A Los Gatos sidewalk and ramp - which do not connect to each other!


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Some properties have a Los Gatos mailing address, but are not in the town of Los Gatos

Los Gatos Zip Code MapA confusing concept to most area newcomers is that the mailing address may not tell the story quite correctly.  In some cases, properties with a Los Gatos postal address are not part of the town of Los Gatos at all.

This is pretty evident in the Los Gatos Mountains, where the zip code is 95033 and the vast area is known not be be within the boundaries of the town. But it's also true down on the valley floor.  In many areas, the jurisdiction is again county, as with the mountains.  

More confusing, and unsettling, are the areas that are actually part of either San Jose or Campbell, but labelled as  Los Gatos by the post office.  There are pockets of these along the border, with a 95032 zip code, such as north of Pollard Road in west Los Gatos, and north of Los Gatos - Almaden Road in east Los Gatos.  (Our real estate multiple listing service compounds the problem by identifying the Los Gatos area as "area 16" - but it has little to do with the zip code boundaries or the town boundaries on the edges, though all of the neighborhoods are either near or in Los Gatos.) There are similarly odd boundaries in places along the border with Saratoga, too.

How can you tell if a house or townhouse is in one city or town or another?  The answer is found within the preliminary title report which is provided when escrow is opened.   That's the document that names who owns the real estate in question (sometimes it's in the name of a trust, not individuals, and sometimes there are more owners on title than you might think), the type of property it is and ownership (condo vs fee).  

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Quonset huts in Los Gatos: a few remain

Quonset hut on University Avenue in Los Gatos with flat frontQuonset huts used to pepper the Santa Clara Valley when I was growing up in the 60s. My parents lived in student housing at Santa Clara University when my dad was in law school (before I arrived in 1959) - a Quonset hut.  Those memories weren't so wonderful, it sounded like it was cold in winter, hot in summer, and noisy year round!

But I have very fond memories of frequently visiting the Vitaphone Theater in Saratoga with my good friend, Karen. The movie theater was housed in a Quonset hut from 1947 - 1985 or so when it closed (and later was torn down); classic films were shown and I was enriched by the experience. Great memories of time with a friend and historic films enjoyed together.

Another Quonset hut on University Avenue in Los GatosToday, these oddly shaped military style buildings are on the wane.  Los Gatos sports perhaps a half dozen of them (I counted four but suspect I've missed a few, there's one on E Main which looks like it may be one, too), located in industrial parts of town.  Most seem to be in service for automotive repairs or painting.    

If you've never noticed them, it might be good to have a peek - they probably will all be gone in a decade or two.  Some have flat facades or fronts to the building, as in the top photo, above.  As you go by at eye level, you may never notice what's behind the building's face.  Others look like a half tube of corrugated metal the entire length - those are a little harder to miss.  Most are quite big, one and a half stories high or so.  But not all!  There's one on Shelburne Avenue, between Winchester and University, which seems to be a mini-me version of the bigger one adjacent to it.  Have a look:

Quonset huts in Los Gatos: big and small

Quonset huts are never going to get rave reviews in Architectural Digest, but they are an interesting part of the Los Gatos - and greater Silicon Valley - landscape. Some apparently have interesting histories that I want to learn about soon.  I hope that they don't fully disappear, but suspect it's just a matter of time.

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The English Oaks and Oakwood Subdivisions in West Los Gatos

This site has moved, please read this article at the new home:



Off the beaten path, the west Los Gatos subdivision or neighborhood named English Oaks offers younger homes with a woodsy, natural environment - including some oak groves which are "common areas" - on spacious lots with lots of elbow room. Immediately adjacent to it, with similarly sized lots and houses (but no common areas), is the Oakwood subdivision or neighborhood.

Map of approximate boundaries of English Oaks and Oakwood subdivisions in west Los Gatos, CA

Please read the whole article here:




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Sound of an explosion in east Los Gatos; gardener apparently injured

Westhill at Belblossom after explosive sound - police neighbors PGE

Update to this story: at a community meeting in Belwood on March 26, it was revealed that the cause of the blast remains unknown, despite earlier reports that it was due to turpentine on the ground. Residents are very concerned.  Please read about the meeting, and see photos, on the Belwood of Los Gatos blog via this link.

Yesterday at around 2pm, a large, explosive sound rocked the Belwood, Belgatos and Surmont areas of east Los Gatos. The thundering noise sounded to me like a transformer blowing out - but worse (I was walking down Bacigalupi with my dog at the time). Neighbors wondered what caused it: gas explosion, rifle, transformer, or what? Several of us apparently called police.

When I phoned in, I was told that the Los Gatos-Monte Sereno Police Dept was investigating. They thought that a tree trimmer had hit a power line but weren't sure at that time.

Please continue reading on the Belwood of Los Gatos site

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Nextdoor is coming to Los Gatos neighborhoods

Date: Nov. 14, 2011
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Have you heard of Nextdoor.com? It's a site that provides neighborhood websites - sort of like an intranet or online message board - for close geographic areas. What's unique is that each site is private and only residents who live in a neighborhood can be on that list.

My friend, Alastair Dallas (writer and owner of a wonderful site, All Things Los Gatos as well as the author of a great book, Los Gatos Observed), nudged me to do one for my corner of town in east Los Gatos - including  Belwood, Belgatos, Surmont and nearby areas.  I just launched it - and am hoping that the residents and neighbors won't find it redundant. He's doing one for the "civic center area" - close to downtown.

Want to check it out for your own subdivision or neighborhood?  See http://nextdoor.com.

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Vista del Monte Arson

Date: Nov. 10, 2011
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Yesterday Sheila Sanchez of Los Gatos Patch wrote a news article on the Los Gatos fire & dog rescue in the Vista del Monte neighborhood and relayed that it appears to be a case of arson. Please continue reading on the new home of Live in Los Gatos


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