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Re: Top Producer Leads - Oct. 9, 2006

"I think I made an e-Pro mistake again!!

I joined Top Producers, Top Marketing program.  They charge you for each
lead.  Has anyone had any experience with this program...and if so was it
successful for you.  I pay about $30 per lead and so far I have not been
able to turn any of them into transactions.  I have only had about
7 so far but really don't want to continue with this unless someone out
there has found it to be a benefit.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Matt Zimmerman, e-Pro"


In regard to Matt Zimmerman's question about Top Producers lead program
which is included below, here is my experience with the program. I joined it
in the beta testing stage and did it for about six months. When I first
signed up I did a few market reports or whatever they called them. I would
go to e-mail them and they would come back as not a real address. I then
decided to do test e-mails first, and then would follow-up with the market
report. After doing it for six months I found many of the CMA requests were
buyers who were looking at FSBOS. I got very suspicious as they said they
were the owner, however when I brought up the tax records their name was not
on the deed. I would then call them and found out that they were looking at
the FSBO and that there is no way they would deal with a Realtor. One was
using the husbands father as a Realtor, but the wife did not think her
father-in-law knew what he was doing so requested the CMA. I called and her
husband was irate that his wife did not trust his father. All the rest were
people just interested in the value of their home. Not a single lead had any
plans of selling for many years. I have done follow-up e-mails and calls on
the ones that have allowed it, but a year later never any business. When Top
Producer went to charging I said no and they gave me an extra month saying
that they have now perfected the system and I would definitely get a seller
within the month. When the month was over I canceled.

With any of the lead generation companies I always think if these companies
are as great as they say, then why are they always trying to find an
exclusive agent for the area. If you could truly get this many valuable
leads nobody would ever give up the area they own.


Jeff Launiere, P.A., e-PRO
Exit Extreme Realty

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Top Producer Leads - May. 8, 2006

I signed up for up to 10 leads per month and 20 zip code areas.  I received
plenty of leads, but took so much time to see if they really were the owners
of the property.  Most were not owners or the property was already listed.
I quit before the first 30 days was up so I got charged nothing (well have
to make sure I get a credit for what I was charged).  Felt I could use my
time more wisely following up with people I've already met.

The people at Top Producer were most helpful, but it was never clear to me
just what site(s) people were accessing to fill in the request for the
information that ended up as a lead for Top Marketer.  It would be useful
information when responding to a lead.

By the way, my leads were $35/per because of location in DC area.

Carol Hooks

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