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Proquest Feedback - Dec. 4, 2006

I have been using Proquest for about 5 months. I haven't had the booming
results expected but I am getting results. It also takes time for me to
grasp a new concept so I am not able to utilize all of their concepts

I tried there Expired plan. It expired. I don't feel that approach
appeals to people in this area.

I buy a page in the Homes magazine and have had some luck with that. It
only comes out once a month so it takes time to test what works best in
my area.

I have been working on setting up a system to approach FSBOs through a
mortgage broker but signs seem to be more expensive than he wants to pay.
My feeling is that if the market is booming, it would be an excellent
tool. In the slow market I am in, it is okay. I will have a better feel
for it come spring.
Brent Link


Brent, baby, we gotta talk. 
If it ain't working, you aren't using it right.

Imho, It works best in a slow market, not a good market.  When the market is
good, all you have to do is breathe ;-) 

You will get more listings, more sales, more investor leads, fsbo's...
hmmmm, maybe they should hire me to promote their product? (( grin )).

If your mtg person thinks signs are too much to pay to use this system, THEN
GET ANOTHER MORTGAGE PERSON! Unreal!  Where else can you get a lead for 25
cents?  Having said that,I don't do signs because in my area, mostly agents
call on them because they don't have mls access while on the road.

There are a myriad of reasons to use an IVR system, but if you aren't
getting results from it, you aren't using it right.  If you want to call me,
I'll be happy to chat for a bit about what I do that does work.

Paula Bean
Orlando, FL

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Question on Proquest - Dec. 4, 2006

I have been asking your opinion about agents using PROQUEST as interactive
Voice Response system could someone give me some feedback and how long
you have use them?

Thanks a lot

Marie Josee Trincaz


I've used them for years, LOVE THEM!  You will get more listings, make more
sales.  I especially like that I can use them with FSBO's and also a large
team because you can direct a call to any email or phone you want out of the
1,000. extensions available.

There are others available, for a little less money, but you have to decide
on what you want to do with it to make your mind up on a particular system.

My ..02 is you can't go wrong with proquest, my average bill runs about 70
bucks.  For that, I have a great USP, marketing tool, and I can track where
my business comes from so I can spend more where it works, and not where it

Paula Bean
Orlando, FL

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Proquest Experience - Nov. 27, 2006

I have been using Proquest since June or July. It doesn't seem to
preform as well as I expected. I get a call or two a week on some
listings and no calls on others.

I ran an ad in the Homes magazine and it hasn't provided much yet.
I just tried an Expired program and it isn't getting any calls.

I am working with a couple mortgage brokers to set up a FSBO Program
but they can't seem to get around to getting anything done.
Not sure I would spend the money again, but this could change if I can
get other programs in place.

Good Luck

Brent Link


I have been using Proquest for a few months.  I have been getting 60+ calls a month. 

I carry between 10 and 15 listings.  I have a sign rider on each property's for sale sign
and I run a full page ad in Homes and Land Magazine.  I also put my other listings and their
extensions on the back of the outside flyers. The trick is to respond quickly with follow-up
calls to the prospects.  I am pleased with the service.  It is also a terrific listing differentiator.


Victor Chelf

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