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Virtual Tour Providers - Worth The Expense?

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Dublin, CA

December 31, 2009

So, what do you look for in choosing a virtual tour provider?

Bay Area CA virtual tours cost anywhere from $100 to over $400. Whether you are a seasoned real estate professional or just getting started, you watch every penny you spend on a listing, right? And what about Short Sales and REO listings, do you spend money to advertise these? So why should you spend the extra $100-$400 for a virtual tour or professional photography???

Many real estate agents might answer... to make the seller happy or to show the seller what you are doing for them to help sell their home, right? Or, you may (rightfully) believe that the virtual tour will help sell the house by giving both local and out-of-town relocation prospects the opportunity to walk-through the house (in their pajamas) to see how beautiful it is, what the layout looks like, maybe you even include a floor-plan!

Super Distribution

These are both good reasons, but let's not forget the third and I think, most important reason... marketing and exposure for the AGENT! Getting YOUR NAME out there in front of potential sellers and buyers, getting exposure for yourself and your property! Moving your name up in the Google Search and to show your sellers as well as potential buyers and sellers how professional you are!

Bay Area Virtual Tours Promote You!
If you are hiring a virtual tour company to photograph your listing, create a virtual tour and then send you the code to include in your listing, that's great, but what about EXPOSURE!

When you look for a virtual tour company to represent you and your sellers, ask these questions:

1. Are they a local company with an actual person you can call directly or do you go through a national number to schedule an appointment?

2. Where is the virtual tour hosted and how long has that company been in business?

3. What is the marketing background of the company, do they understand real estate, social media, property and personal brand/name marketing? Yes, this is photography, but marketing is what it's all about, right!

4. Where will they distribute your virtual tour and/or do they just send you a "link" and you have to distribute it yourself?

5. Will they create and distribute a YouTube presentation for you?

6. Will they create and post a Craigslist Ad for you?

7. Will they blog/Twitter/promote your virtual tour/listing?

The Tour WindowThese are just a few of the questions you will want to ask before you decide if it is worth the expense. And then, ask youself, where else can I spend $100-$200 and get all of the above marketing and exposure for my listing and myself? A newspaper ad cost at least this much and will only be in front of your potential prospects for 1-2 days and you what about post cards? You will spend about $1 per post card so you can send about 100-200 post cards which will probably go into the trash! East Bay Virtual Tours are one of the best cost/benefit options availabe today for the real estate market but only if you find a provider that provides all the benefits mentioned above!

To learn more about Virtual Tours in the Bay Area visit Property Marketing Studios located in Dublin California. Better yet, sign up for our trademark "Brokers Pajama Tour" and see the latest property listings in your pajamas... :)

Bay Area Virtual Tours and Property Marketing Studios welcome your comments and opinions...

Tim Denbo
Property Marketing Studios

Real Estate Educator

Reston, VA

February 06, 2010

$100 to $400? Good grief, my friend...I don't see anything in your benefit list that would justify that cost, when there are several virtual tour sites out there that offer that (they're not local, but that doesn't really matter if their customer service is good...they could be in India and it wouldn't matter, would it?), their product is excellent and they are far, far cheaper.

It's a great day here on the (snowed in) lake in Reston...hope it's a great day wherever you are, too!

Real Estate

Dublin, CA

May 12, 2010

Most of these "virtual" virtual tour companies provide a good service and are worth exactly what they charge... :) However, they are certainly better than nothing. Please keep in mind that the cost I quoted includes a professional photographer. Many quality virtual tour providers charge even higher than those prices. When my clients compare the virtual tours and the marketing results between an automated or self-serve virtual tour and a quality virtual tour provider with professional photography, they have seen a tremendous value for their investment.

Thank you for sharing your view. There are always choices and when someone takes on the responsibility of marketing a home with an average price of $500,000 to over $1,000,000 in our area, the seller expects quality photographs and professional marketing.

May 17, 2010

One of the biggest reasons I use the virtual tour company I do is because it downloads so quickly. When a potential buyer clicks on the line to the virtual tour, it loads in about 3 secons. Some take so long that buyers will just move on to the next property.

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