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Iphone 4 vs Samsung Infuse 4G

Licensed Real Estate Broker

Lake Mary, FL

July 07, 2011

Hi Dick, I was at your smartphone seminar 2 yrs ago at the West Volusia Board of Realtors, we need another one!! I need to upgrade my old IPhone 2 and am considering the Samsung Infuse 4G over the IPhone 4. Can you or anyone else give me any guidance? Thank, Sharon

Real Estate Educator

The Villages, FL

July 07, 2011

Hi Sharon,

First I agree you do need me to come back to West Volusia, heck you are about an hour away! Get after Pam and staff to make that happen!

Okay every iPhone user will say iPhone best, then every Droid User will say Infuse is the best but let's put some facts out first;

iPhone 350,000 apps, Droid 250,000 apps

You have Supra I think the iPhone fob is slicker then Droid

Use Outlook then iPhone use Google for contacts then Droid

People around you what do they use? If family, close friends use either phone then might be easier to select same phone.

Both great phones can't go wrong either way "BUT"

Please consider your next purchase which could be a tablet or pad. I do think you should stay with the same operating system when selecting a tablet or pad. Bothers me when folks have a Droid and buy an iPad or have an iPhone and buy a Droid operating tablet.

So you are more confused now then when you sent me your question. I would go with a 4G iPhone based on your experience with an older iPhone.

Dick Betts

Licensed Real Estate Broker

Spotsylvania, VA

July 08, 2011

But if you do go with an iPhone, wait until the Sept/Oct timeframe when then new one comes out.

Pat Hallesy

Licensed Real Estate Agent

Spencerport, NY

July 08, 2011

I can weigh in on this discussion as I traded my iPhone 4 for a Samsung Infuse. I hated the iPhone. The fact that Apple limits what you can download really frustrated me. Yes, I could have jailbroken the phone. But every person I know who has, has lost everything when their phone crashed & their warranty was voided.

When I went to trade in my iPhone, I was insistent that I would never own another phone with an on screen keyboard.

So what if iPhone has 100,000 more apps? Are you going to use all 350,000? As long as Droid has all the apps that you need and want, that's all that matters. I researched Droid before switching over. And decided they had all my needs covered with their apps. There are also many more free apps on the Android Market & the pay apps are often cheaper than the same apps through iTunes.

I loved the iPhone adapter for the eKey. I do miss that, but that's the only thing I miss. I absolutely LOVE my Infuse. Best phone I ever had. I use my Outlook daily along with my Infuse. The Infuse takes absolutely amazing pictures with it's 8 mp camera. Better pics than with my husband's 10 mp digital camera. I can take a panoramic shot of a room or yard. I can actually download June Fabric's PDA Net & use it. I never could with the iPhone. I have found apps that better fit my needs on the Droid Market than the comparable ones on iTunes market. If you drop your photos into Dropbox, you can use them in any application, website or share with clients, assistants, etc without downloading to your computer. My husband also bought one & uses it on his home inspections.

There are so many more advantages to using the Droid system than the iPhone. Apple realizes this & that's why they are just now trying to come up with their own cloud technology. Look at how many phones come with the Droid OS. Only 1 comes with the iPhone OS.

In the end Sharon, you need to research the apps that you need & decide which phone fits your needs better. You can go to both markets & check out their apps online. Go to the store & play with them. If you want a great all-in-one package with eKey & camera on the phone, the Infuse is far superior. If you like online document/picture management & ease of sharing, the Infuse is far superior as well. If you want a corporation to decide which apps you really need & can use, iPhone is the right one for you. If you get the Infuse & you need some ideas on what apps work good for Realtors, let me know. I'd be happy to share what apps I found that work great for me!

Licensed Real Estate Broker


July 08, 2011

I am interested in the apps you find useful.

But first tell me about DropBox. I tried that once and it seemed like it was just copying all of my files onto my other computers and not storing them in a cloud at all. Do you find that it is not this way? My laptop was maxed out on memory and I didn't have room for any more storage so I deleted DropBox.

My favorite app is EverNote. I had many notes in Memo Pad on my BB and was afraid I would lose them. I took the time and emailed them to myself. Later I came across Evernote and then someone recommended it so I checked it out. I Love It! I can organize the notes and even put them into separate notebooks. It will sync with the rest of my computers so I always have access to them. I can also share a particular note with others.

Licensed Real Estate Broker


July 08, 2011

Another question.

How do I delete apps that I downloaded and no longer want?

How do I access my sd card on my phone?

I would ask my teenager but he is away at camp.

Licensed Real Estate Agent

Muskegon, MI

July 08, 2011


Check to see if you have an App called Task Manager on your phone...come on over and I can try to help.

Licensed Real Estate Broker

Pismo Beach, CA

July 08, 2011

Good input, Amy. Thank you. I bought the HTC Inspire 4G. It was a Costco thing: free plus case and chargers included. Had to move away from the trusty Palm Centro due to a need for Internet hotspot.

The unit is a bit large for ones hands. Touching the screen just to pick up the unit causes apps or calls to start happening. Getting used to that! Input on the following would be appreciated:

1. Typing on the screen. Not all screens will rotate, and the rotation helps a bit with the limitations on my right wrist. (It doesn't rotate either:) )

2. Apps for voice dial (truly hands free begin to end) and voice to text. Again, the goal is truly hands free with no need to touch the screen or locate an app.

3. Top Producer 8i is not yet Droid friendly, so is there an app into which one can export large numbers of client records. It sounds as though I could export to Outlook (I have 2007) and use that. Anything better??

4. A favorite for working with realty related business.

5. A better calendar app

Thank you all in advance! Have a wondergfu weekend

Licensed Real Estate Agent

South Orange County, CA

July 08, 2011

Hi P.B.B.H., Simply start to embrace all things Google - Google voice dialer, Google calendar, Gmail, etc. It will all synch up seamlessly. All from your Android Market. ( Apps.)

Licensed Real Estate Agent

Chino, CA

July 08, 2011

Hi Dick, In California we are being told Apple does not have a 4G IPhone and will not have one until sometime in 2012. They have the IPhone4 which is 3G only. This info was provided by Verizon this week.


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