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This new group, outSmart Your Smartphone, is being hosted by Dick Betts Natioinal Speaker on Technology Management and Mobile Solutions. Dick is a NAR certified e-PRO Trainers. Anybody currenly using a Smartphone, considering purchasing thier first device or even searching for the newest release to upgrade/replace their device are all invited to participate in this ongoing online discussion. Look at this as a resource for learning how to get the most out of your Smartphone and place to find helpful Tips & Tricks. We want everybody's input so all you veterans out there help us out by speaking up on how you use your device to manage your business and pitch in on answering some of the simple questions. I will be posting answers and offering technical support. My mission is to help REALTORS learn about the benefits mobile technology offers and how to apply the Smartphone features to manage their business.
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Hi Group, It was brought to my attention this group has been quiet so here's something I just... 4,542 views
3/28/11 8:28 AM
RealtyCandy.com  Profile Image
10/12/15 9:47 PM
I received an email from my friend Mike Barnett of RealTown fame yesterday asking for a Blackberry s... 12,278 views
6/30/08 10:13 AM
missy Lettinga Profile Image
4/23/12 2:54 AM
it's time we all pull together and start looking at apps that truely help REALTORS with their career... 9,700 views
5/25/10 9:59 AM
Dick Profile Image
7/11/11 8:11 AM
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Hi All, I just returned from Upstate NY where presented my Warp Speed Warrior Mobile Cloud cla... 6,155 views
1/20/11 12:13 PM
Cyndi Mino, e-Pro, SFR Profile Image
2/25/11 8:54 AM
For the past three months I have been telling folks to wait until after the first of the year if the... 3,388 views
1/8/10 9:52 AM
Brenda Overby Profile Image
2/10/11 12:41 PM
Over the weekend my friend and nationally known educator (and well not enough room to tell you every... 13,311 views
3/8/10 2:11 PM
Dixie Wong Profile Image
1/21/11 4:25 AM
Have I mentioned I am getting a headache with all the phones rolling out the first quarter of 2010?... 6,376 views
2/11/10 3:15 PM
Dick Profile Image
8/12/10 10:04 AM
I would like to make this the go to place for information about the Palm Pre Smartphone. Together w... 11,979 views
6/7/09 4:21 PM
Jim Cheney, Your Rincon Valley Realtor Profile Image
11/16/09 2:23 PM
Welcome! Our purpose in developing this discussion group is to provide a reliable resource of infor... 7,813 views
6/4/08 6:37 PM
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10/27/09 8:56 PM
Our text mesages seem to growing very fast. Is there a way to print out the important text messages... 2,582 views
5/8/10 12:40 PM
Dick Profile Image
10/12/15 10:03 PM
Hi Dick, We haven't talked in a while. Here's my situation: I have read so much and n... 2,031 views
8/19/11 5:21 PM
Dick Profile Image
8/23/11 8:34 AM
I have Outlook 07 on my laptop....Android Revolution Smart Phone....Google calendar & Email....how c... 1,381 views
8/17/11 2:42 PM
Linda M. Krause Profile Image
8/18/11 3:47 PM
Hi Dick, I was at your smartphone seminar 2 yrs ago at the West Volusia Board of Realtors, we need a... 4,118 views
7/7/11 1:34 PM
Pismo Beach Broker Hughes Profile Image
7/9/11 12:11 PM
I just switched from a BB and am very disappointed with the contact search abilities, or should I sa... 1,078 views
7/8/11 9:14 AM
Turns out there are no cable and DSL available in the house that we just rented. Satellite is slow... 1,628 views
5/16/11 12:36 PM
Pismo Beach Broker Hughes Profile Image
5/17/11 1:12 PM