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Are you working the booming niche market of pre-foreclosures (short sales)? Come join the discussion with other real estate professionals working this important market now. Share real life solutions, strategies and ideas on all related subjects ranging from working with our clients and marketing the properties, to working with the banks and achieving positive results. Have ideas of marketing, negotiation, lender relations or overall survival tips? We want to hear from you.

**Please note, this is an ad free (spam free) zone. Do not advertise (or spam) your services, seminars or short sale programs here.
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Again, several numbers. Let me know what you all have, and we can clean it up.... 19,460 views
11/18/09 9:49 PM
Mr jane Profile Image
10/13/15 8:29 PM
Citimortgage (Citi has MANY numbers it seems, so if you have others that have worked, please sha... 14,227 views
11/14/09 12:21 PM
CynthiaSellsLV Profile Image
10/12/15 10:08 PM
Wells Fargo (1st loans): Short Sale Phone: 866-903-1053 Short Sale Fax: 866-359-1975... 22,059 views
11/14/09 12:35 PM
Gael Adair Grove, ePro, SFR Profile Image
10/12/15 9:47 PM
Countrywide (now BAC/ Bank of America): Short Sale Phone : 866-880-1232 Short Sale Fax:... 23,255 views
11/14/09 1:03 PM
Tony Morales Profile Image
12/13/11 6:50 PM
Sun Trust has a Short Sale Guide (LINK) for homeowners to complete which include the financial state... 11,995 views
11/18/09 10:08 PM
barbara  mccafferty Profile Image
6/27/11 8:25 AM
I have a dead short sale but I have a back up contract that will actually net the bank more. Has any... 3,262 views
5/11/09 7:00 PM
Noel Padilla, Profile Image
10/13/15 9:18 PM
BB&T (6)
Does anyone have a contact with BB&T that can override a decision from a loss mitigation person? She... 4,934 views
11/16/10 10:59 AM
Mr jane Profile Image
10/13/15 9:09 PM
For CA Agents ~ does anyone know if advertising on the MLS to have the buyer pay for all or part of... 3,528 views
7/13/10 2:28 PM
Mr jane Profile Image
10/13/15 9:03 PM
I was just informed that the 2nd mortgage for my short sale was service released by Countrywide/B of... 3,533 views
6/5/09 5:08 PM
Tony Morales Profile Image
10/13/15 9:03 PM
OMG! Just when you think you've seen it all, along comes a new horror story that makes the thought o... 7,921 views
7/4/11 1:27 PM
Mr jane Profile Image
10/13/15 9:02 PM
If you have ever dealt with Bank of America you know they play hardball... they either received 10%... 8,590 views
4/28/09 8:58 PM
Mr jane Profile Image
10/13/15 9:01 PM
An agent in my office recently received short sale approval from Ocwen; however, there was already a... 1,992 views
11/21/11 2:48 PM
Mr jane Profile Image
10/13/15 8:57 PM
Welcome! Thanks for joining our group to share information and to gain knowledge about the ever grow... 13,482 views
8/10/08 1:34 PM
Mr jane Profile Image
10/13/15 8:51 PM
The homeowner is deceased and his sister is the Executor of the estate. The family does not want the... 3,239 views
12/28/09 11:26 PM
Michelle Hensley Profile Image
10/13/15 3:24 AM
What can I use for a convincing argument as to why a short seller should mow the grass? I have an in... 3,403 views
5/8/10 9:39 PM
lu youzhi Profile Image
10/13/15 3:23 AM