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Trend Spotlight: Modern Prefab (Modular) Homes in Austin

Mar. 10, 2008
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Earlier this week, we discussed the Boomerang Home Buyer trend in Central Austin. A style gaining popularity since 2005 is Prefab Modern, also called modern modular

Mkd_prefab1Modern prefab (modular) homes can be designed to suit a variety of tastes and price ranges.

In a previous post, we debunked the myths of prefabricated homes. Top benefits included solid construction, shorter build times and green techniques.


Most modern prefab home have green, sustainable elements. The companies in Austin use green construction materials, have less on-site waste, and use energy-efficient appliances. Modern prefab styles can be seen in all areas of Greater Austin, including popular "suburban" areas like Dripping Springs, Leader, and Buda.


When building a prefabricated modular home, keep these tips in mind to maximize appreciation and your home's value:

  1. Choose a reputable builder and design team. We've listed a few in Austin at the end of this article, but you don't have with stick local companies. Top prefab designers and specialists can design homes in any state.
  2. Secure financing first. Many lenders and appraisers aren't familiar with this product type.Midcentury_architecture1_2
  3. Get your contract and charges in writing. You need to know what's included versus extras.
  4. Know where you are building. Homes over 50 years old are subject to historical review in Austin. Some lots also have deed restrictions that may affect your build.
  5. Try to fit into your Austin neighborhood. Some ultra-modern plans look good next to neighbors while others are plain awkward. Your 3-story stark white, metal boxy design on a tiny lot may cause trouble with neighbors or worse, the city planning commission.


Modern prefabricated modular homes are typically completed in 4 months, about 1/2 or 1/3rd of the time for a stick-built.

Krdb Although the build time is shorter, don't expect to pay less in all instances.

Land costs in Greater Austin are not inexpensive. Even more surprising, many design-build teams charge 6-10% of the purchase price. Recent 1300 and 1600 square-foot homes in East Central Austin by KRDB were priced around $365,000 to $385,000.


User Comments

1. RE: Trend Spotlight: Modern Prefab (Modular) Homes in Austin

Written by: Amy Bernhard
Aug. 12, 2010

ma modular homes, KRDB Architects' line of modern prefab homes, are selling between $125-$150 per sq ft. Turnkey. True, some people are building ma modular homes on $200,000 lots in Central Austin, which results in house + land prices upwards of $400,000, but the same 1500 sq ft house could be built in the Hill Country or East Austin on a $40 or $80,000 lot instead.

2. RE: Trend Spotlight: Modern Prefab (Modular) Homes in Austin

Written by: modular homes
Jan. 23, 2011

A Modular Home is a type of house which is built in a climate controlled factory, in a series of components, shipped to the customer's homesite, and set by a crane on a foundation (basement or crawl space).

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RE: Trend Spotlight: Modern Prefab (Modular) Homes in Austin
A Modular Home is a type of house which is built i...
RE: Trend Spotlight: Modern Prefab (Modular) Homes in Austin
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