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Getting a News Feed on Your Website

Sometimes we get asked if RealTown provides a news widget. Right now, we do not-- but we do offer TONS of RSS feeds. When used in conjuction with a free Feed Reader Widget, you can customize which news feed(s) you display on your website.

A few examples of FREE RSS Feed Widgets are FreeWind, WebRSS, RSSPump, and Widgetbox. For this example, I'll use FreeWind.

The first step is choosing which RSS Feed you would like to display on your Blog or Website. For this example, I will use the feed from the Real Estate Experts Group at RealTown so I will need to visit the group. On the group home page you should see a RSS Feed Icon ( ) at the top of the page.

You can either click the button, then copy the URL of the page you land on, or you can right click on the icon and choose Copy Shortcut (or Copy Link Location if you are using Firefox). For this particular feed, the URL I now have copied to my clip board looks like this:

Next, I visit the widget provider-- in this case it is FreeWind. This place lets you customize most things without knowing how to read/write HTML.

The first thing we do here is input the Feed URL we copied earlier into the Feed URL field toward the top of this page.

After we get that step out of the way, they give us the opportunty to customize other properties of the widget, such as the Feed Title field. The Advanced Settings link within each box lets us customize even further, defining the size of the widget, number of words/characters displayed, color, etc.

Using their advanced settings, I was able to create the following widget.

Questions? Comments? Concerns? E-Mail our Customer Service Team at CustomerService@RealTown.com.

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RE: Getting a News Feed on Your Website

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Ashley Ruble-English - 02:51 PM - Tuesday, April 26, 2011

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