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Nov. 10, 2007 - Home sales way down October 2007

That was scary. In the first three columns you can see that July 05 to 06 to 07 produces an increasing number of sales. In the second three you can see the difference in October sales from 05 to 06 to 07. So we can't just say "Of course sales are lower in October than in July. Yes, that is true. But the deep reduction in sales for October of 2007 cannot be explained away by brushing off the difference as July to October issues.

This raises some more questions for me. Does this have something to do with this price range? I doubt it. But let's keep going to see if we can pinpoint exactly when this trend started, since July sales 05 to 06 to 07 were increasing from year to year while Octobers are...well...pretty darned scary. First I'll do all sales of King County on this same basis without restrictions as to price. In the next post I will do them all together, and then strip out the Single Family Homes sales from the condo sales.

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Dec. 3, 2007 - RE: Home sales way down October 2007

Posted by Bill Gassett
Ardell - I agree with you. I think there is something to these statistics. I know in Massachusetts this past October was the worst I can remember since the early 90's. The activity level was pitiful!
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Dec. 15, 2007 - RE: Home sales way down October 2007

Posted by Kenny Alex
i aslso agree with both of you about the tendency of home sale.
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