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Nov. 8, 2010 - Choosing Carpet to Sell Your Home

Choosing the right carpet when selling your home is not difficult. Unless you have a very expensive high-end home, you want to choose a clean, neutral but warm toned carpet at low cost. Chances are the new owner will want to change the carpet eventually to another color or style, or even to hardwood or tile. So you don't want to spend a lot of money. You just want to put in something that will show well and have no pet odors or stains. Something the owner can live with for a few years until they decide what they really want.

I took a trip to Home Depot tonight to help my clients select a carpet that would be appealing to most home buyers in the price range of the home we are getting ready for market. It's a very large home at a starter price. The main floor has no carpet at all, so we are only dealing with the steps up to the 2nd floor, and the carpet in all of the bedrooms and hallways. Based on the square footage of the home it is about 1,000 square feet of carpet, as there are two 2nd floor bathrooms that are vinyl.

While I picked two types of carpet, I selected the same color in each. The carpet is a Martha Stewart, very reasonably priced at $1.55 per sf. Some advantages of Martha Stewart brand are:

1) It is one of the most stain resistant with one of the best anti-stain warranties for carpet in this price range.

2) There are many paint color choices identified as being similar to or compatible with the carpet color, leaving a lot of the guesswork out of which paint to use.

3) Everything in the Martha Stewart Collection is cross referenced for color compatibility, not just the paint

These features and the Martha Stewart name are appealing to potential home buyers.

There are lower priced carpets available in the "in stock" section at Home Depot, but the installation cost is higher. Depending on the amount of carpet and difficulty of job, the higher priced carpet can cost the same installed as the cheaper carpet. So be careful to have the supplier come out and measure the space, and then cost out a couple of different options.

You may be surprised to find that the obviously cheaper grade of carpet that is a lower price per sf, costs the same as to total cost including installation charge.

CARPET COLOR - My clients don't really need me to price out carpet. They do need to know which style is popular, as trends change. But most important is the color, and not everyone has a good sense of neutral but WARM color tone that is not too light and not too dark. Also the "speckled" varieties can be great in a small family or play room, but not appropriate for up the stairs and the whole 2nd floor.

The choices below are for a very large area, 1,000 sf or more. If we were doing one room or just the stairs, I would likely have selected something else entirely.

The carpet sample above is Martha Stewart Balmoral in Natural Twine Tonal MS208 which was my number one choice. The same color in Chatsworth was my second choice, a looser weave that looks more and maybe too much like "shag" carpet. That style was very popular 3 years ago, but the Balmoral gives the same affect with a little more density that according to carpet specialists has become the favored weave.

Balmoral is a "textured" weave. Chatsworth is a "twisted" weave. Go with the textured.

I do not believe in carpet credits in this market, or most any market. Showing your home with stained and smelly carpet is going to cost you much more off the sold price than any carpet allowance will cover AND the buyer will want the carpet credit in addition to the price discount.  Sellers love credits more than new carpet because it appears to be an easier answer...but really, it is not an answer at all. PLUS the buyer's lender may not even allow a credit for an upgrade, so bite the bullet and change the carpet.

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Sep. 1, 2011 - RE: Choosing Carpet to Sell Your Home

Posted by carpet cleaning companies

 Get an estimate on cleaning it. If not too high, try that first. You may still have to replace it. Remember, a buyer doesn't want the hassle of replacement either! 

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Feb. 19, 2013 - RE: Choosing Carpet to Sell Your Home

Posted by www.totalfloormaintenance.com.au
A family member linked me to your site. Thnx for the information.
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Apr. 1, 2013 - RE: Choosing Carpet to Sell Your Home

Posted by echo park real estate

This is a good idea. Thank you so much.

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May. 22, 2013 - carpet

Posted by carpet

ya,i gone through your site before few days.this are so good to let the people know about the different kind of carpets. 

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Aug. 10, 2013 - RE: Choosing Carpet to Sell Your Home

Posted by Tammyros

I love to use bright colored soft carpets. The cleaning of carpets should be done carefully. Thanks for the post.

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Sep. 5, 2013 - RE: Choosing Carpet to Sell Your Home

Posted by Roy Miller from Home Flooring

That is really perfect for everyone. I have bought a new house and I have also installed carpet flooring in my whole house. That's looks really so nice and very beautiful.

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Nov. 12, 2014 - RE: Choosing Carpet to Sell Your Home

Posted by Angela

Great ideas! I am going to sell my house and this article really helped me! Thanks a lot! I will definitely buy a new carpet!

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Nov. 17, 2014 - RE: Choosing Carpet to Sell Your Home

Posted by Barbara

 Martha Stewart Balmoral - I had selected this exact carpet for my mountain condo.  However, I have read some very poor reviews of this brand.  Does anyone have any experience with the durability of this particular carpet?

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Dec. 16, 2014 - RE: Choosing Carpet to Sell Your Home

Posted by Sharon Potter

So nice of you that you share all of this detailed information! I am going to sell my house and I think that I should buy a carpet because at least it gives some kind of coziness. Thanks again!

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Jan. 2, 2015 - RE: Choosing Carpet to Sell Your Home

Posted by ardell


"cozy" sells for less just as smaller home sells for less. So given the topic here is about selling the home, creating "cozy" would be counter productive to getting best possible price. 

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