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Aug. 19, 2010 - New Roots Organics

Fresh Organic Produce delivered to your door is not unique to the Seattle Area. In fact last week I visited my daughter in L.A. and she had a box of organic produce that is delivered every week. 

About an hour ago I saw a truck bring a big blue plastic bin to the neighbor, and they at the same time picked up last week's big blue plastic bin. The Truck had this logo on it:

So I went to the website to get some more info and to my amazement found something that I have not been able to find in the stores in the Seattle Area. ESCAROLE!!!

on this week's Standard Seasonal Bin Menu 

Escarole is one of the essential ingredients of Italian Escarole Soup, which is a Thanksgiving tradition for me, and I just can't find it! While I do not feel like making that soup today, I am tempted to run over to the neighbor and ask if I can buy the escarole from their Produce Bin dropoff.

NewRootsOrganics.com also has RECIPES and if anyone wants to swap me their escarole for my secret "Grandmother's Recipe" for our family tradition (Abruzzi Region) Italian Wedding Soup with the little meatballs... :)

Why? Why would you want a box of organic produce dropped off every week? Because it will encourage you to find new recipes and make healthy dinners evey night until you use the box of produce, instead of opting for fast food or microwave meals.

Loving Seattle...Loving Living in Seattle, comes with a desire to do good things and to support the efforts of businesses who do right things. YES, that is part of The Seattle Culture. While the Mayor is spearheading Zero Trash efforts, the citizenry can be supportive by buying it's produce in NO TRASH bins that get recycled every week and without grocery bags for each separate produce purchase AND compost any waste from the weeks delivery.

It's a Good Seattle Thing to do...no matter where you live :) Oh, and I LOVE that they tell you a bit about the Farmers who grow the things they sell in the sections called Meet Our Farmers.

In this economy...support the livelihood of businesses with good values. It's the least we can do to insure that The BEST survive...and not just the strong...

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Aug. 19, 2010 - What's REALLY going on in Seattle Culture?

The culture of Seattle and the surrounding area is often more important than what kind of home you can buy here. When people buy in a certain neighborhood or move from another State, often the feeling of "not belonging here" is the main reason why people are unhappy (besides the weather) and move away.

I am thinking of a family who moved here from Georgia to Seattle. They drove here with their children in the biggest gas guzzling SUV ever made. They would get dirty looks everywhere they went...at the grocery store, at the mall, and most offensively...at the gas pump. They did not react by trying to fit in to The Culture of Seattle and their "new home" base. They reacted by getting mad...and eventually moving away.

Every area has an underlying "day to day" culture that defines it and trying to "be different" in an opposite direction and one the residents find offensive is generally not a good strategy. So I'm adding a Category to my blog titled  "Seattle Culture" which you will find in the sidebar. 

If you absolutely hate everything everyday Seattle people value most. If you do not share those values OR cannot bring yourself to try...then Seattle may not be a good place for you.

As I add posts on this topic, I will also add the links to those posts below: I will try to do at least 3 in the next 48 hours, so you have an idea of where I'm going with this. In the meantime, if you live in the Seattle Area and want to suggest a new topic, feel free to do that in the comments or by emailing me at ardelld@gmail.com


Fresh Organic Produce Delivered to your door every week

Urban Gardening - The Seattle Way

A Great "Visual" of Seattle Culture in the backdrop of this video featuring the local Kris Orlowski Band filmed mostly at The Troll in Fremont and at Green Lake where they are playing cards in the grass.


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