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Dec. 31, 2011 - Best Colors for Your Seattle Home

When decorating your Seattle home...


Places that have sun every day of the week can use lots of darker tones.

Seattle isn't one of them.


The smaller the space, the more you want to consider sticking with white as the primary backdrop to your "added color".

Generally speaking, white can be pretty stark...but...when you have day upon day and week upon week and even month upon month of gray, gray, gray...consider how a room like this can uplift your spirits! Bold colors against white, and filled with things of color that you personally love, can really make a difference in your everyday outlook on life.

Wall Decals like the ones above can be changed by the season...or even your mood. White walls give you the ability to quickly make changes and often. A few accent pieces to pick up the color(s) in the decal(s) and you have PrestO, ChangeO - recreated your environment to suit your mood. Too much coffee today...well...then you may want to tone it down vs brighteneing it up. :)

All too often people decorate in a way that is not only depressing...but also in a way that makes them stuck with it for years...and years...that thought alone is depressing.

OK...Let's Face it - WHITE!!! is just not right for everyone...so let's go to something a little less stark. But...if you find yourself being depressed over the long gray months in Seattle...rethink that white before you mope around day after day wishing there was more sun here.


There are very few paint colors that work for a whole room. ...and OMG! STOP, STOP, STOP painting the ceiling the same color as the walls! That is not a Trend! That is a lazy man's answer to not wanting to "cut" the line between the ceiling and the wall!

Seattle tried all the Sage Greens...but frankly...they just didn't work well. Sage and musky green tones work well in many places...but unless you have the flitty constitution of a little pink fairy...you can get very depressed living in the grey-green tones around here.

Try a green with a little more pep...like Cooking Apple Green. I wouldn't recommend it for a whole house for sure. But for a bathroom with white fixtures or a kitchen with white cabinets...it can be quite cheery.

Do a test area first as you may want the Paint Store to lighten it up a bit, especially if you are using it for a main living area that includes the Living, Dining and Kitchen spaces. It is a bit limiting as to what colors you can put with it, so bring some of your favorite items that you already own around the test area to be sure it isn't clashing with a few of your favorite things.

As you can see from the room above, painting the walls green will greatly inhibit the colors you can bring into the room. So don't go overboard unless you want mostly white furnishings and accent pieces. This is true of most any wall color. Be aware of the limitations.

Still...from a Seattle perspective, it can bring the outdoors in...year round...and through most any kind of weather make a room feel very "English Garden".


Red...in any shade from dark to bright...Husky Purple...Navy Blue...Steel Grey...all are OUT, OUT, OUT! Step away from the DARK paint! It was tried...and it was "different" though not good for a year or two...and it is now OVER!

Whether or not you are selling your house...be mindful of how your surroundings impact your daily life. Dark = NO in Seattle. it's just too dark here. White - Yes...and whether or not you like white, you might want to look at that from a different perspective.

Do you like yourself?

Do you want to be happy?

Are you constantly feeling like Seattle is "getting you down"?

If yes - then do something about that - REDECORATE in lighter, brighter and even starkly whiter...tones.

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Feb. 20, 2011 - Pottery Barn Paint Colors to Sell Your Home

Pottery Barn Paint Colors to Sell Your Home

I like to revisit this topic from time to time by looking at recently sold homes and matching up with a Pottery Barn Paint color. 

Manchester Tan is very popular for expensive, large homes done in all one color. 

Unlike a few years ago when gray and yellow undertones were popular, today a warm neutral tan with no pink or yellow hints is preferred for the largest of homes. Not too dark and not too light, Manchester Tan helps your white millwork "pop" without too much contrast or limiting hues.

Manhattan Tan is best used in homes of 3,000 sf or larger in higher price ranges. A little too dull for small cottage styles or condos. Goes perfectly with the new brown tones being used in hardwoods and the dark bronze lighting fixtures and hardware as well.

A Home Theater Room Color in the same home on the lower level should be chosen AFTER you select your home theater carpet. I like this fun movie reel pattern.

Sticking with earth tones vs Steel Blues or Plum/Wine shades, will make it easier to finish off the room without running into too many designer Faux Pas. We all remember that "Husky Purple" room that sounded like a good idea...but wasn't.

Every so often I see a Theater Room done TOTALLY in BLACK! Another idea that sounded good until after you finished painting.

You might want to pick your Theater Chairs to go with the carpet, before you pick the paint colors. You can find them in the lighter gold and orange tones, but I'd stick whith Brown Leather and avoid black chairs. 

Now that you have your carpet and chairs, it's easy to do a color theme around both for your wall paint. Best to use two tones with a different and darker color behind the "theater lights".

This room picks up the carpet colors nicely. I think you'll agree it's much better than a black or plum color. I've even seen them done in red...but that gets "old" pretty fast.

It's best to start with these lighter tones taken from the carpet colors above. You should bring a piece of the carpet to the paint store. These colors are Cushing Green and Hawthorne Yellow. For the Wood accents you can use Iconic Maple as shown and bottom left below, or if you want to blend more with the Hawthorne Yellow than the Cushing Green, you can go with a nice Natural Cherry as shown on the right below.

This gives you a "dark" theater room feel, but in warm and vibrant color tones without being "garish". For those who are using Iconic Maple throughout the house in Kitchen Cabinetry or door and window frames, you can try these colors in Bedrooms, Living or Dining Rooms, as the Manhattan Tan will just "wash away". 

Maybe a nice Paris Green in a Bedroom or Den, a lighter and more neutral Fern Green in a Master Bedroom or Dining Room, maybe a Golden Tan, but I'd have them lighten that up by as much as 50% or even use the Hawthorne Yellow shown in the Theater room for a Kitchen or Family Room. Lots of color choices in these Warm Tones! 

So that's the scoop on color. Gone are the Steel and Gun-metal Grays and even the Smokey Gray-Blues and the Deep Reds that were so popular only a few years ago. Warmer Neutral or Earth Tones and Rich Maple or Smokey Brown wood stains.

Not only Good Colors that SELL but also great colors to share your home with day in and day out.


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Jun. 14, 2009 - Pottery Barn Paint Color for Bathroom

Popular Sherwin Williams Pottery Barn paint colors. Blues are back!

Bathroom paint color:

Create upscale themes like the one below, without the expense of designer tiles, with paint! Same look and feel, and easier to change your mind a few years later.

aqua = water = bathroom

Benjamin Moore 2056-40 Cool AquaBenjamin Moore 2058-50 Aquarium Blue

The four Pottery Barn paint colors above, from left to right are Cool Aqua,Aqua Sky, Aquamarine Blue and Babylonian Aqua. When I last wrote about Pottery Barn Paint Colors, many people wrote indicating that they weren't good at picking the right color tone. 

Just take a picture of a bathroom you like from the internet, like the one above, and line up the possible matching colors under or around the photo as I have done above.  If you still have trouble matching, bring the picture with the color swatches that the get from MyPerfectColor to friends, or even strangers at the coffee shop. People will love to help you pick.

In this case Aquamarine Blue is the right color tone, but you don't want to paint a small room too dark, or it will close in on you and don't, don't ,DO NOT paint the ceiling the same color as the walls.

When you order the paint you can choose it darker, but not lighter. The smaller the room the lighter you want to go. If you don't want a white ceiling, put a little bit of the wall paint into white paint.  It will look more like the walls are reflecting in the ceiling than a colored ceiling.

In this case, none of the lighter paint colors are the same tone as that bathroom or Aquamarine Blue, so have the have the store make the color lighter for you first, so you have the formula in case you need more. Save some in a glass jar for touch ups over the years before adding white to do the ceiling.

Change your colors often. It's a lot cheaper than buying a new house :)

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