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Jan. 9, 2012 - Seattle TODAY


Taken by my friend Linda Aaron...yesterday. 

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Nov. 23, 2009 - Windows XP - MSIE 7 - MSIE 8 - Chrome - Firefox

Taking a short break in my home sales stats to note that a large majority of my blog readers are using Windows XP as their OS with the majority using MSIE 7 as their browser with another 50% using MSIE 8. A small percentage are using Vista with MSIE 8 or Chrome as the browser. Very few using Safari or Firefox.

This is mostly a "note to self" post.


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Jul. 8, 2009 - A penny for your...floor?

The floor below is made using pennies as "tiles" with dark grout.

Another version used by a homeowner in a smal bathroom uses light grout, but I don't think that is practical as lots of light grout is difficult to keep clean, especially around a toilet.

I'm not totally sure that I like the idea, but it was interesting enough to pass the idea forward.


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Dec. 14, 2008 - The Boy Genius Report

Setting this link down here for my own use to keep up with technology outside of the Real Estate Industry.  No necessarily appropriate for my blogroll on a Seattle based Real Estate Blog, but we should all keep both eyes open and toward the future. 



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Jul. 10, 2008 - Pottery Barn Paint Colors That Sell

I did a search of properties that sold recently and quickly, and found some interesting colors on the walls.  While neutral may be what most agents say you should do, when inventory is stacking up and properties all start to look the same, sometimes the one that really stands out with color is the one chosen.

These are actual colors on the walls of recently sold homes.  Sorry I can't show you the whole photos, but I'm not allowed to repost the photos of other people's listings.  These are up to the minute "SOLD" colors.

The long skinny color is right from the wall of a sold property.  It shows a little darker in the photo than it actually was in person, so I'm going to give a couple of examples.

The first is Semolina from the Pottery Barn Collection that I've mentioned before.  The second is also from Sherwin Wiliiams, but not the Pottery Barn Colors and is called Robust Orange, the last one that I have seen a couple of times is Flamme Orange

These are pretty bright colors, so get a color sample and try an area first.  Use sparingly and as an accent color in combinations.  Semolina was on the side wall that met the darker color.  A fabulous combination, but clearly not for everyone.  Your wood tones should be warm tones to mix with these colors.

The color above is taken from an actual wall of a recently sold property.  It was an accent color used in an alcove in the hallway.  The walls next to it were light and soft taupe.

Pottery Barn's Pear Green is similar in tone. Stem Green which I've mentioned in an early post is a little closer and these greens look good together.  But the color in person was actually a lot closer to that last green which is Benjamin Moore Malachy Green.

The above color also came from an actual wall of a sold property.  It was the staircase wall going up from the first floor to the second floor.  You will notice that the three patches of color I took directly from the walls of the homes are not as even toned as the color chips.  These show the variations of the color under different lighting conditions.

The right end may be similar to Benjamin Moore's "maryville brown", but really that is just the lighting affect.  The second brown, Seville Brown, is much closer to the right tone, but too dark. It's hard to tell if the original color was the last, Brown Sugar, and it darkened at the bottom of the stairs, or it was Seville Brown that lightened at the top.  But those second two are definitely in the right color family.

The color of SOLD...is not always boring :)

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