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Jul. 6, 2010 - Homes For Sale in Redmond WA

I was taking a data snapshot of where the real estate market is in Redmond WA and thought I'd post my notes on market conditions and a few pics of homes I have helped people buy and sell in Redmond.

At the moment there are 148 homes for sale under $500,000 and 291 for sale over $500,000. 47 of those 291 are over a million. 

Year to date, basically 1st half of 2010 198 have sold for under $500,000, so 148 is technically less than 6 months inventory...except I don't expect the same amount to sell in the 2nd half as did in the 1st half.

219 homes have sold for over $500,000, so there is more than a 6 month inventory there, and only 22 of those were over a million. So the 47 people asking over a million may have to dip into the 8s or 9s to be sold by year end 2010.

27 of the homes sold so far this year in Redmond were Short Sales and 22 were bank owned properties.

In Redmond, townhomes are classified as condos. At the moment there are 136 condos for sale.

39 of those 136 condos for sale are townhomes.

79 one level condos have sold year to date

70 of the "condos" sold were townhomes.

So the big winner in Redmond, and I would have to agree with these stats, is a townhome like the one above that I sold in Rivertrail along with a couple of others noted here. 

There are only 39 for sale and 70 sold year to date...so about a three month supply. Clearly a seller's market in Redmond Townhomes...if you have the townhome most people want...and it is priced fairly.


(required disclosure: Stats in this post are not compiled, verified or posted by The Northwest Multiple Listing Service)

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Aug. 12, 2012 - RE: Homes For Sale in Redmond WA

Posted by Electrician Tomball

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Aug. 13, 2012 - RE: Homes For Sale in Redmond WA

Posted by Electrician in Houston

This blog is great & i appriciate your work which helps peoples to buy or sell homes  in Redmond.All the homes are very good designing.Thanks for the post.

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Feb. 8, 2013 - RE: Homes For Sale in Redmond WA

Posted by silver lake real estate

Hi Ardell, your post is good. I like so much your sample homes. I like so much the environment of these homes and these colours also so cute. And I am really waiting for your next new post.

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Mar. 7, 2017 - RE: Homes For Sale in Redmond WA

Posted by Mike

 Amongst the major museums in the east bay is the Oakland Museum of California, the Chabot Space and Science Center and the Lawrence Hall of Science. You may also find good east bay real estate near the famous cuisines of the area such as California Cuisine and the Chez Panisse. 

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