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Littoral Land

Land bordering on the shore of a sea or ocean and thus affected by the tide currents. Littoral land is different from riparian land, which borders on the bank of a watercourse or stream.

Association of the day

Abilene Association of REALTORS

Buildings help create the mood and culture of an organization.

As REALTORS, buildings are a big part of our professional and personal identities as well.

There are over 1000 REALTOR Association buildings around the US, and I have been to most of them..most more than a few times!

I was doing my Dallas Area week and I needed another event to fill the week. "Will you drive from Dallas to Abilene to do an event" I was asked?
"Sure" was my reply.

I loved the Abilene Executive Officer, Marv Gerard. Many of you will remember Marv. I agreed to drive from Dallas to Abilene and back...

Long road to hoe :-)

Quote of the day

What happens is not as important as how you react to what happens

How do you react to adversity? Life is full of stops and starts, frustrations and distractions. But don't let these daily confusions divert you from the excellent potential that is available to you every day. When you do encounter adversity, remember that keeping a cool head is always the right way to go. There's a solution to every problem, but's impossible to see it if you blow your top. 

Question of the day

Under an exclusive agency arrangement, the broker has a fiduciary arrangement with?

(A) The seller (B)The buyer (C)The seller and buyer (D)The seller primarily and secondarily to the buyer

Answer:  (A)  The listing agreement creates an agency relationship between the broker and seller, referred to as a fiduciary relationship.
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