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2009-03-10 22:35:36

Your Business is an Asset: Use it To Your Advantage


Ask yourself this question: with over 2.5 Million people (by some estimates) doing what you do, what is it that separates you from your competition: what is it really that you own, to profit from and to pass on to your decedents?  I would say to you that it is your reputation.  Your reputation for being an expert; your reputation for being connected; your reputation for knowing all about your area or niche market; your reputation with customers and vendors and colleagues and friends who refer business to you: your reputation is your real business asset.
If you concede that this is true, then the next question is: what are you doing to manage your online reputation; your reputation that people find on Google and other search engines when they Google not only what you do where you do it, but also your proper name.
Because it serves the purpose well, I will use my own name as an example: with the name Israel Rothman; and with there being so many documents containing the name Israel, and the very common Jewish name Rothman listed in Google’s primary cache (over 320,000 containing both words, including newspapers, major magazines, at this moment), I, and I am sure some of you, have a unique challenge controlling what people see when they Google my proper name.
The challenge is compounded by the fact that, like you, I am basically a consultant: like you: although I sell websites and social media marketing services, and you sell Real Estate or money or ancillary services; people do business with me because of my reputation for performance, my knowledge, my reliability…
Here is the rub: more and more, whenever anyone hires a consultant, they do a little amateur detective work online first, to establish whether or not this person is reliable and safe to do business with.
Now to the reason for this article: I am here to tell you that Realtown can help a great deal with this issue.  Again, as an example, I will use me:  with the name Israel Rothman, and Senator Steve Rothman back east being written about daily in the main stream press with his opinions about Israel (my namesake country), I am at least as challenged as any of you in this area.
Yet, coming up under and controlling your proper name can be infinitely easier, even for me, than ranking in the organic results on Google for, for instance, <city>< state> Real Estate searches.
In my case, I have built strong profiles on multiple social media sites, including Realtown, which appear on the first page results for my proper name, effectively controlling the results:
Israel Rothman Google Search.  (Notice my Realtown blog!) You can do the same, it just takes a little time and understanding of the  importance.
Israel Rothman is a well known speaker and author on the topic of intentional online reputation management: learn more at or in his Social Media Marketing Tips group here at Realtown Groups.

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