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2009-05-21 23:00:23

Working Real Estate: Back in the Day


It's funny what things you remember when you "grow up". Back in the day, I used to love watching the Andy Griffith Show and Deputy Barney Fife. This particular episode was the one where Deputy Fife decided to try his hand at sales.

Today, I have been in real estate for over 30 years. And no matter how much it has changed, there are some core business principles that were important back when a Mustang was still a horse that work today.  Ok, I’m not that old, but my kids think so.

I remember my first Broker sat me down to tell me the secret of success in real estate. He said, “Son, there are 3 things you have to do to build your real estate sales.”

“The first thing you need to do is…….Meet The People”
He went on to tell me that if I did not get out and shake hands with new people each and every day, how could I expect my sales to grow? He further explained if you know 100 people and you keep working that same hundred day after day there were only so many possible sales.
Mr. Old Timer then told me this, “Besides, you also have to give them a reason to do business with you.”
Ok, I got that. Now I was ready for the next two big secrets.
He sat back, scratched his stomach and asked if I was ready for the second secret of real estate. With my eyes big with wonder, he growled the second bit of wisdom…… “Meet the people”
Darn, I was cheated!
“Do you know the third one, Son?”
Now that I got his game I could guess the third one. “Sure,” I said with an air of exasperation. “Meet the people?”    
“You got it Son. Now get going!”
I left his office feeling like he was full of hot air. But I learned in due time how wise that really was. I watched other agents, sit and wait for their phones to ring. They would come in and talk to each other, have lunch, go on home tours and do everything except “Meet the people”. So I started out with the goal of talking to 3 or 4 different people every day. Wow can I call? Who can I visit? Day after day I did this basic plan.
Guess what? All the other agents that only saw each other every day, were still only getting a sale every once in a while and I left them in the dust. I quickly became the top listing and selling agent of that entire office.
Maybe the old man had something.
Meet the people.
Oh, and what does that have to do with Barney becoming a sales agent? Find the episode and you’ll see that in his first week he had a chain of 5 sales using this very simple real estate plan.
 A former Broker and REALTOR for nearly 20 years, Don founded after discovering a unique way to stay in front of all the buyers, all the sellers and all the residents of our home neighborhood and real estate farm. During his real estate career he was active in the local board, serving on the Ethics Committee for many years and chairing it for 2. I penned a regular column in the board’s print publication on Grievance, Ethics and Professional Standards. Check out the company website at
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