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2010-02-17 22:44:40

Why Aren’t You Getting 100%?


I’m sitting here scratching my head and asking myself why 400,000 Realtors out of the 1.2 million Realtors in the United States have yet to make the change to a 100% company.
So, let me ask you. Did your Broker earn their share of your commissions last year? I doubt it very much. How many leads did they give you? Which actually resulted in a sale; in exchange for the 15%, 20% or even 40% of your commissions that they took?
Are you using the Brokers office exclusively? And by that I mean, are you using their color copier, their scanners, their printers, their paper, and their telephones? I again doubt it. You probably have to pay for your color copies, or even worst you have to pay for all copies.
Are you using your home office most of the time? Were the buyers and the sellers you worked with last year generated by your Broker? Or were they generated by you?
I think your starting to get my drift. I was once a large Broker and I supplied everything to my Realtors, however those days have gone the way of the horse and buggy. I once even provided my Realtors their business cards and for sale signs.
The point is that Brokers no longer do much for their Realtors. They can’t in today’s world. So I have to ask again, why are you giving away a large part of your commission for virtually no reason? I hope your Broker is your wif,e or husband or at the very least a close relative, or I have to wonder why, you would give away your money so easily.
In today’s world even brand new Realtors can get 100% of their commissions. I don’t see this changing. In fact I would be surprised in 10 years if there was a single Realtor in the country that wasn’t receiving 100% of their commissions.
But human beings being human beings will wait until the vast majority of Realtors are receiving 100% before they will jump on the band wagon. Once all Realtors decide that it’s the wise and smart business thing to do, then and only then will all Realtors expect and will receive 100% of their commissions.
We all have heard that newspaper advertising doesn’t work and that we need to do our advertising on the internet. Yet when you do any research it is almost always individual web sites that pop up rather than the company web sites. So now even the large newspaper advertising that some Brokers do isn’t of much value.
If you have survived the Real Estate market for the past three years and are still in the business, then you owe it to yourself to keep 100% of your commission. So ask yourself the questions that I have posed in this article. Then ask yourself honestly;
If the answer is no. I guarantee you can find a 100% Brokerage in your area.
James A. Crumbaugh III is CEO of Allison James Estates and Homes can be reached at . Check out the Allison James Group on

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