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2007-08-09 17:40:00

Virtual England Sold - First Real Country Sold in a Virtual World

England, the first real country to be sold in the history of virtual worlds, has been awarded to a group of entrepreneurs from North America. The winning bid was $60,001 real U.S. dollars. A consortium of 4 ‘Kings’ took home this lucrative virtual real estate by out-bidding thousands of members in a month-long auction at virtual world

These virtual rulers are already earning residual income. They earn money every time an English city or property is purchased and from all transactions and ad revenue in England. They can also sell the country for a huge profit.

England dethrones the state of California as the highest sale price at California sold for $53,000 USD. State owners earn money from transactions throughout their entire state. England takes this to the next level with the owner earning money from transactions in the entire country.

“The popularity and success of the England auction has opened the door to the possibility of future auctions for other countries. With 776 international states and provinces already sold our members are now asking us to auction off countries,” said Founder and CEO Rocky Mirza. is a multi-player online world that has been referred to as "Monopoly on Steroids." Weblo is a parallel Universe where a virtual copy of every real city, state and property is up for sale. Members attract traffic to their websites with compelling content including photo galleries, forums, polls and videos. Members profit from advertising revenue and hits generated from their sites.

Major cites and properties around the world have sold and resold.

The virtual mayor of Seattle sold his city for $2,000 after buying it for $40 from Weblo. Atlanta, Tokyo, Vancouver and many other cities have resold for major profits. Over 9,200 cities have sold worldwide. The virtual Empire State Building, originally purchased for one dollar re-sold for $250. Members flip virtual properties for profit just like in the real world.


Weblo is a parallel universe that is the only virtual world based on the real world. Virtual replicas of real cities, states, properties, domains and celebrities are owned and managed by members. Members have fun and make money as they create sites, buy and sell assets and rate each other while connecting to family, friends and communities around the world. Members earn real money via hits, internet ads and by selling or auctioning assets for a profit. Headquartered in Montreal, was co-founded by Chief Executive Officer Rocky Mirza.

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