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2007-03-16 23:16:00

'Urban Trekker' Metro DC Blog is RealTown Blog of the Day

Urban Trekker
Dewita Soeharjono
McLean, VA

Urban Trekker is an excellent blog!

Dewtia Soeharjono is one of the finest real estate bloggers in the country. Her posts are thoughtful and well researched. She set the bar higher for bloggers the day she started blogging and she has performed consistently well ever since. Urban Trekker (tracking urban living, urban-suburban revitalization, redevelopment, T-O-D, and real estate trends in the Nation and Metro Washington D.C.) is Dewita's original blog. I've watched it evolve visually over time ... it changes its skin every now and then and every choice is tasteful, with a wonderful balance of text and color in the sidebars and main column.

Urban Trekker blog generates income with carefully placed blocks of Google Adsense links that are unobtrusive and fit like kid gloves. Dewita carefully selects news stories and places this information and links that are sure to invite some serious interest beyond the general news feed fare at so many other web sites and blogs. 

Don't miss the listing widgets and photos on her other Trekker Blog, Featured Property, for a splendid showcase of properties. Dewita Soeharjono is a REALTOR who has carved a corner of the Web and claimed it for her very own. She has created a brand, sets trends with her style, and raises the bar for the rest of us.

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