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2010-09-23 18:35:50

An Unscientific Survey

This past week I conducted my own survey among the 4,000+ Realtors® that I have in my Facebook Group and also through blogging. While this survey was not professional in any way, and I’m sure the results would vary if a real survey were conducted, it does demonstrate why our company is growing at such a phenomenal rate.

These were the questions that I put forth in the survey to the Realtors®. I wanted to find out what was the most important item to them.

Is a company office the most important item?
2)      Is receiving 100% of your commission the most important?
3)      Is receiving 100% of your commission and using an executive suite the most important?

The results came in almost exactly as I have been preaching for the last 2 ½ years in my blogging, my articles and my speeches.
Realtors® no longer care about the old Brick and Mortar offices that allowed Brokers to extract a large part of their commissions.

Below are the results:
1)       Office .……………………………………..   0%
2)      100% commission …………………………40%
3)      100% commission + executive suite ……. 60%

I’m sure if the questions were asked differently that there would be some Realtors® who did care about a company office. I was rather surprised that the survey produced 0% that could care less about a company office. We all know why, or at least all of us who spend our days with Realtors®. Realtors® just don’t use the company office any longer. Most have better home offices. Realtors®   who are productive hate the office politics. They hate the donut-eating Realtors® who sap everyone else’s energy.

What we have found so far with our nearly 400 Realtors®, is that many of them meet their clients at Starbucks, or their favorite title company, or they rent an executive suite by the hour when they need one, or in a few cases, our Realtors® even opened their own offices. The point is, when they get to keep 100% of their commission, they also get to run their business as their own business. We require complete compliance to all laws, rules and regulations, but other than that, it is their business and we are there to support them.

The end of the Brick and Mortar offices may be faster than most people realize if this survey is even close to being accurate.

I believe for a brand new Realtor® there is still a place for a company office or at least until training evolves enough that it can be done remotely.

However, the top producers are also very independent. They want to be left alone to run their business the way they want to run their business. If they have been in the business for years, they know how to avoid trouble and they are compliant. The fact is that the Broker in today’s technological age needs the Realtor® far more than the Realtor® needs the Broker.

The days of Brokers expecting Realtors® to come into the office and explain how much business they’re doing (and then being lectured) are over. These dictator Brokers are washing out of the industry.
I predict that within 10 years there will only be a handful of Brick and Mortar offices left. These will be at the base of ski slopes, right on the beach, and in resort areas, where there is a chance for walk-in traffic.
Folks, the times they are a changing, and if you don’t endorse the change and become the change you will go the way of the typewriter and the transistor radio.

James A. Crumbaugh III is CEO of Allison James Estates and Homes, a National Internet Based Real Estate Brokerage, currently operating in 13 states with over 300 Realtors after only 2 ½ years. You may reach Mr. Crumbaugh at

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