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2009-03-10 22:21:19

Unique Business Model Showing Strong Growth


What a year! The next time I decide to open a Real Estate Brokerage during the worst housing and economic crisis this country has suffered through in 80 years just take me outside and shoot me.
Now, I’m not complaining because we ARE making a small profit, but what hair I had in January of 2008 is now one year later gone, as well as my youthful appearance. Let me take a moment to share with you where we have been, where we are at, and where we are going.
I started Allison James Estates and Homes in January of 2008. At the time I figured I could maybe get by for 6 months before we had some serious competition. The surprise at this point a year later, is that we are still the ONLY National Internet Based Real Estate Brokerage!
Our Realtors work out of their homes and tend to be younger and more experienced than most other companies. They, in return, just pay us a small monthly fee and they get to keep 100% of their commissions. We give our Realtors everything a” Brick and Mortar” company does, only via the Internet.
We encourage our Realtors to use the conference room facilities at Bank of America or 1st American Title. These are two of the best companies in the country at what they do- and it’s a win win for everyone.
That brings me to the point of this article. We have developed a program that can help a Broker that wants to sell, get out from under the stress and financial worries of running a Brick and Mortar office. Most companies today have no real value because they aren’t profitable. This situation will probably continue into the future, because today’s Realtor expects to keep their commissions.
Our program actually has two parts. If we come across a company in a state where we are not in, we   make that Broker the Broker for the entire state. We then do all the recruiting for the Broker, monitor all paperwork for the Broker, pay the Brokers due’s and E & O Insurance, and basically allow the Broker to put their feet up, relax and collect 20% of our gross on that state for a 7 year period with an automatic renewal!
If we come across a state where we already have a Broker, then we give the Broker of the company 20% of our gross income for 7 years, but the Broker has no duties what so ever, other than collect a check from us every month. We refer to these Brokers as our Pina Colada Brokers.
What we struggle with is finding these companies that want to sell. We know they are out there and that many of them are tired of fighting the economic situation in this country. Therefore, we are doing everything in our power to get the message out to these Brokers, that there is hope and an exciting way out from under their stress.
You may contact James A. Crumbaugh III at or call 1-866-463-5780

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