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2011-04-26 10:04:41

Two Major Tips for Choosing Shoes

Different shoes are fit in different occasion. Many people find it hard to choose a right pair of shoes. Sometimes it’s beautiful but big or small for them, or it’s just the right size but the color is not attractive to them. So it’s necessary to know the tips before you choose a pair of shoes because you want them to look as fashionable and good as possible

The color and style should be considered at first. Before you buying a pair of shoes, you should think about which clothes and trousers you want to wear with this pair of shoes. The color of shoes should match with the color of clothes and trousers. Let’s say, in summer, a light color is preferred than a dark one. And women should wear formal shoes like high-heeled leather shoes rather than slipper when you have a meeting. It’s a good suggestion to buy a pair of formal shoes.

Comfort is another factor that should be paid attention to. Women, especially young ones, like to choose the shoes that look stylish and fashionable. But you should also take care of your feet for you don’t want to experience soreness when you want to look good. It’s possible for you to gain both fashion and comfort if you select it carefully. And fashion is meant to be about showing off your individuality and style through clothes you feel most comfortable in.

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